The following resources provide more information about benefit-cost analysis for transportation projects. The most useful resources appear towards the top of the list.

Circular No. A-94:-Guidelines and Discount Rates for Benefit-Cost Analysis of Federal Programs. Office of Management & Budget. US Government. Printing

Office, Washington, DC. 2003. Available at:

Benefit Cost Analysis. MN DOT Office of Investment Management, undated. Available at:

Benefit/Cost Analysis: Introduction. Mankato State University. undated. Available at:

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Cost-Benefit Forecasting Toolbox for Highways. Federal Highway Administration. US Department of Transportation, Washington DC. Circa 2001. Available


FAA Airport Benefit-Cost Analysis Guidance. Federal Aviation Administration. US Dept. of Transportation, Washington, DC, 1999. Available at:

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A Guide to Practical Project Appraisal - Social Benefit-Cost Analysis in Developing Countries. UNIDO, United Nations, undated. Available at: