If you're bored of racing on a typical home Scalextric track which you have to assemble on the lounge carpet having moved the furniture out of the way, why not try something different....

Bearwood Scalextric Club, located in Birmingham (Hadley Athletics Stadium, Smethwick) offers slot racing on a different scale. We race on a large four lane permanent track with good long straights and twists ideal for testing your car.

We don't take it too seriously and beginners are more than welcome. It's like racing at home but on a bigger track.

So come along and try us out! If you just want to see what it's all about you're welcome to have a go on the track for free before or after the racing.

Club Overview

Club night is on a Thursday between 7.15 and 9.45pm. 

We run various classes each week. However, if you haven't got the right car, these and controllers are available. To keep things even and to allow everyone to compete all cars are to fit in with the box standard ethos, rather than anything goes.