Sub & Scorekeeper Info


  • Be on time.
  • Have FUN!
  • Sub fees are usually paid for by the absent team member or the team you are subbing with. You need to discuss this with the team you are subbing for.
  • Sub fees must be paid for on the night the you throw. Fees must be turned in with the score sheet.
    • A League Sub Fee: $2/night
    • Beer & Pizza League Sub Fee: $2/night
    • Mixed Doubles League Sub Fee: $2/night
  • Subbing in the B/CS Dart League makes you a member of the League. You can:
    • Attend the banquet


You need to abide by appropriate conduct while at the board:

  • The scorekeeper is the official record keeper of the match. Be sure the thrower doesn't pull his/her darts until after you have marked the score.
    • If darts are pulled before they are marked or double-checked by the thrower, the scorekeeper's marks are considered final.
  • Do not interfere in any way with the members as they are throwing.
  • Cell phones should be turned off.
    • In cases where cell phones must be answered, scorekeeper should walk away from the boards to have their conversation, and a substitute scorekeeper can finish chalking the match.
  • Do not carry on conversations with other people present at the match while you are at the board.
  • Do not lean in to see what has been thrown:
    • until all 3 darts have been thrown.
    • unless the thrower asks you to look.
  • Do not chalk any darts until all three are thrown.