Team & Member Info

Team Requirements...

Every Team Needs:

  • A Team Captain
  • A Home Bar
  • Be sure to speak to the bar's owner/manager about your team's sponsorship!
  • Name
  • Team Folder
  • Each team is required to provide the score sheets when they are the home team.

Member Requirements...

Important information for Captains and all League Members:

  • Pay individual fees before the start of the season:
    • A League: $20/member
    • Beer & Pizza League $20/member
    • Mixed Doubles League $10/member
    • Fees can be turned in to the locked mailbox, located in the dart area at Yesterday's. Be sure to put cash/check in a sealed and labeled envelope.
  • Be on time.
  • Conduct yourself with proper decorum.
    • Don't behave in such a way as to interfere with other league members or with other patrons of the bar.
    • Do not carry on conversations with scorekeepers as they are chalking a match.
    • Turn cell phones off. In cases where cell phones must be answered, please answer the phone and complete the conversation away from the dart area.
  • Have fun!

Team Captain...

  • Registers team for league
    • Be sure to provide all contact information (email & phone) to league statistician for each member of your team.
  • Attends the captain's meeting(s)
  • Keeps up with the team folder
  • Brings the folder to all home matches
  • Communicates with team members about schedules, subs, and league requirements.

Score Sheets...

  • The winning team is responsible for turning in the score sheets.
  • Turn white sheet in to the locked mailbox, located in the dart area at Yesterday's.
  • Score sheets are due the day after the matches are completed.
  • Failure to turn in the score sheets will result in 5 wins being deducted from the winning team's record.

If You Need a Sub...

  • Tell your captain.
  • Find a sub.
  • Sub fees are due the same night that the sub throws.
    • A League: $2/week
    • Beer & Pizza League: $2/week
    • Mixed Doubles League: $2/week
    • Please turn fees in to the mailbox at Yesterday's. Don't forget to label the envelope with the date of the match, team member's name & sub's name!