Bar Information

Our sponsor bars are important partners with our dart league. We are in your establishments before, during, and after each league season. The following information is designed to improve and strengthen that partnership so that both the league and the sponsor bars are mutually benefitted.

COWBOY CLUB: (979) 775-0494

2820 Finfeather Rd. Bryan

FOUR DOWNS: (979) 704-5049

700 University Dr. E. Ste. 101 College Station

YESTERDAY'S: (979) 846-2625

4421 Texas Ave. Bryan

POETS BILLIARDS: (979) 696-3351

1637 Texas Ave. S College Station

THE PTARMIGAN CLUB: (979) 822-2263

2005 S. College Ave. Bryan

Bar Requirements

Pay Sponsor Fees...

A League: $30/Team

BP League: $30/Team

Mixed Doubles League: $20/Team

Women's League: $20/team

Due by the 4th week of the season.

Failure to pay the fees by the deadline will result in a schedule change for your team(s).

All matches assigned to your bar will be moved to another establishment.

Provide a quality throwing environment...

Reserve all of your dart boards for league teams on league nights.

Make sure your boards, scoreboards, and markers are in good shape.

Bar Options

Pay Individual Fees...

This is not a requirement, but paying your team's individual fees will definitely make them loyal to your bar!

A League: $20/Member & 4 Members/Team

Beer & Pizza League: $20/Member & 4 Members/Team

Mixed Doubles League: $10/Member & 2 Members/Team

Bar Suggestions

Offer drink specials for league members on league nights.

Provide team shirts.