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Repair & Maintenance: Porsche Specialists

This section covers mechanics and technicians in South & Central Interior of BC (Thompson, Okanagan, Kootenay & Similkameen regions), and some in Vancouver / Lower Mainland / GVRD. The dealerships are approved for warranty repairs, of course. All are simply listed as a resource – BCIR does not take any responsibility for these businesses or their work – they are simply part of the Porsche community.
Know of a good Porsche shop or mechanic that you would take your car to – or recommend to friend? Let us know webmaster @

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Kelowna: Motor Werke – Maintaining your passion.
You're passionate about your Porsche – that goes without saying.  You're passionate about the care and maintenance your Porsche needs – that also goes without saying.
Motor Werke in Kelowna has the diagnostic equipment, experience and OEM parts to service your Porsche – and we're just as passionate as you. Allow our experienced and highly-skilled technicians to provide you with the peace of mind that your Porsche 911, Boxster, Cayman or Cayenne is in the best possible hands.
Optimum safety and performance is our bottom line – period. 

PCA members receive a 10% discount on labour, be sure to let us know when making an appointment. Call us at 250-869-0269 and schedule your service appointment today.

Manuals (for late models only)
Porsche iManuals Portal (for vehicles 2009 and later):

Technical Specifications of all Porsche Models

From Excellence Magazine:

Porsche Option Codes "De-coder"

Want to find out what Porsche Option Code 113 is? Find out all codes at:

Porsche Club & Nearby Regions
Porsche Club of America (PCA) main site:  

Other Porsche Groups, Magazines & Resources

  • Panorama magazine, the official magazine (high quality content AND award winning) of the Porsche Club of America... members get this in print and online. Membership required. Not available on newstands.
  • Christophorus Magazine: "The official magazine for Porsche owners and enthusiasts, has remained true to its mission since racecar driver and journalist Richard von Frankenberg and graphic artist Erich Strenger founded it in 1952. For nearly 50 years, Christophorus has offered Porsche drivers and fans a spiritual home and considers itself a primary ambassador, mediator and communicator between Porsche and its worldwide customers. Christophorus is both a fascination and information medium. Von Frankenberg aptly named the magazine after Christophorus – patron saint of all drivers and travellers – when he created the first issue for the more than 1,000 Porsche owners around the world. Today, more than 260,000 copies of Christophorus are distributed worldwide in six different languages. The magazine is published six times a year (every other month beginning with January) and is distributed the last week of the month." Available by subscription or free for iPad through iTunes Store.
  • Porsche Excellence Magazine: Widely read with solid editorial and quality reporting. Print and online. Available at Chapters etc.
  • 000 Magazine (new in 2017), a quarterly journal focused on Porsche. Beautiful design, interesting articles and incredible photos, edited by Pete Stout: see to subscribe.
  • Porsche Owners Club (POC) (Porsche 'club racing' focused):
  • Ferdinand Magazine (iPad / online only):
  • Porsche Youtube Channel:
  • 9 Magazine:
  • The Samba: mostly VW (it's in the family) but also air-cooled Porsches.
  • Bring-a-Trailer: is a multi-marque vehicle auction site that is curated for interesting cars... cool Porsches are bought/sold here regularly. Enjoy the forums during each auction. 

Porsche Enthusiast Communities & Online Technical Forums

What Is PCA Escape-Palooza & Why You Should Attend 

Touring & Roads in the BCI Region

Porsche owner visiting? Contact us to meet up and/or find the best local roads in the region!

Video Series: Building a Porsche 

Series by National Geographic TV called MegaFactories. HD on YouTube:

Road Tracks in the Pacific Northwest

Safe Driving & Teens

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