Camp Elkgrove

Camp Elkgrove

Camp Elkgrove

Environment: Parkland Farm

Area: 5 Acres

Accomodates: 48 indoors

Located at the edge of Metro Vancouver in Aldergrove, Camp Elkgrove is located within Aldergrove Lake Regional Park and features 5 acres of forests and pastures. Elkgrove features 4 large cabins that have space for 48 children and full facilities such as a kitchen, dining hall and bathrooms in a communal building.

Full access to the park with hiking and cycling trails is available, as well as ample parking.

Just ten minutes from Aldergrove, make Camp Elkgrove your child's destination to escape from the city!


Camp Elkgrove is located right along the Canada - US Border at the Southeastern most corner of Metro Vancouver.

  • Access is easiest from 264th Street south towards the Aldergrove Border Crossing

  • 100 metres before the Border Crossing, take 0 Avenue east for 1800 metres, or just over 1 mile

  • The entrance is clearly marked on the north side

  • Follow the road for 150 metres to the parking lot