The Bay Improvement Group (BIG) is a broad coalition of people, businesses, groups, and leaders who for over twenty years have been dedicated to the future preservation, revitalization, and comprehensive planning of Sheepshead Bay and its main streets.

Our Mission

Founded in 1992, incorporated in 1993, BIG is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization with over 500 members. The founders of BIG have been actively involved in warning of over-development in Sheepshead Bay since the 1980's. We have consistently talked about over-development and congestion, and recommended tightened zoning regulations. We continue to see a great need for our community to come together and halt the destruction of our unique Sheepshead Bay.

Service to the Community

BIG's volunteer work is evident everywhere in Sheepshead Bay. The Arts for Transit public mural at the Sheepshead Bay subway station, three Adopt-A-Highway garden locations, community events, and constant advocacy for Sheepshead Bay are only the tip of the iceberg. As a member of the committee to rehabilitate the Sheepshead Bay subway station, BIG has seen the $10 million rehabilitation and opening of our subway station. BIG has presented historic talkes, slide shows, and archeological exhibitions; lobbied successfully for the newly installed historic lampposts; and advocated the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office to open up branch offices (the first being in Sheepshead Bay). BIG has painted over graffiti, with the help of the NY City Department of Probation's Community Service Division and others, on more than 4,700 storefronts. We have removed graffiti over fifteen times from over 475 mailboxes (some with help from Gerritsen Beach Cares), painted over 500 fire hydrants, and given a fresh coat to the underpasses of the Belt Parkway and to the subway line from Sheepshead Bay to Gravesend.

Big has long advocated a B.I.D. We support the reemergence of the Sheepshead Bay Chamber of Commerce, including its holiday light display missed by so many along Sheepshead Bay Road; advocate increases in litter baskets and pickups; push for expanded parking; support other celebrations in the community;' and endorse new, exciting business development and a new park at Emmons Avenue and Brigham Street. (How about "Sheepshead Bay Park"?)

How You Can Help: JOIN US! (Download the application below)

The only way we can continue this great work is for people like you to get involved. With over 200,000 people in the Sheepshead Bay area, and more moving in all the time, if just a few dozen more were to take an interest in the community, the city and every individual would benefit. Only a few hours a month will make you feel good. It will also improve the quality of life in your community and the future value of your investment here. Meet some great people and have fun at the same time. Ask yourself, what have I done for my community lately? Can I afford to donate as little as $1 a week or a few hours a week or month for my community?

You can get involved! It may mean simply attending a short meeting or just paying membership dues to keep the BIG family growing. (You can become a BIG family member still for only $25, $30 for members--simply complete the form below and mail it to us with your payment, or pay below securely with PayPal.) In return, you'll receive our BIG News in the mail and learn firsthand about community activities and events. Of course, greater donations will help pay for all the expenses of volunteer efforts done around the community by BIG. Donations will also help us continue this work, and give you the satisfaction that you are helping to preserve this special waterfront community and its main streets.


~Steven M. Barrison, Esq.

President, Bay Improvement Group

Mailing Address:

Bay Improvement Group

30 Dooley Street

Brooklyn, NY 11235

Email: bayimprovementgrp@gmail.com

Phone: 212-750-5560 (days) and 718-646-9206 (evenings and weekends)

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