My word is my contract. My core belief is that people are essentially good and full of potential. That doesn't mean that I'm naive or oblivious to the darker side of human behaviours. I work best with organisations that are committed to a just and inclusive society, whilst at the same time as pursuing wealth creation. This requires a high degree of consciousness about sustainability, both environmentally and socially.

I work with a range of Maori and non Maori organisations.  I feel my strength lies in the ability to weave between Te Ao Maori and Ao Pakeha to ensure the best possible outcomes are reached.  I work closely within my own Marae and Hapu so am kept grounded by my kuia and koroua, aunties and uncles and kept abreast of the real issues facing our whanau.  I feel life is about making the most of our opportunities, so we need to find ways to maximise outcomes when these opportunities present themselves.