"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. "
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Feeding the Rat: A Climber's Life on the Edge  --> My reflection on "Why push to explore ones limits?"

T H E    A L P S 

The Mountains Call and I Must Go.  
   A video created by Jim Jaqua of my              favorite Alps memories.

Hiking the Alps (2018) with Keaton     Pics by Region:

Hiking the Alps (2016)  Keaton & Eb
 Itinerary         |     Website       
op 50 pics   |     Top 101 Pics    

Hiking the Alps (2014)   with Darren        - itinerary  |  website
      Biking in the Alps (Darren)
      Seefeld  (Austria)
      Leutasch (Wetterstein - Puittal Loop)
      Stubai's Lp-1   Lp-2  |  Regen Lp-3
      Engadin (LaPunt, Switzerland)
            Lej Muragl    Corvatsch    PizNair
     The Dolomites (ValGardena, Italy)
        Gschnagenhardt   PassoSella   Puez
Hiking- the Alps
2013 - Mike Costa
     itinerary | website
         Leutasch (Wetterstein Hut) Loop
         Garmisch (Hollental/Zugspitze) pics
         Stubai Alps  pics
         Val Gardena  pics
         Alta di Merano  pics

Hiking- the Alps
 (2011): Steve,Lee,Frank
         Shared Google Doc
         3-min Video (Alps Favs entire trip)
         20-video clips (Swiss, Italy)

Hiking- the Alps (2009): Frank Mazer

Hiking- the Alps (2007):  Steve-Lee-Stu

Hiking- the Alps (2003): Dwayne Janz 
           Daily Log

HIKING:  I D A H O  (w. Dwayne)

  2017-  SevenDevils, Bighorn Crags,                      Whiteclouds, Sawtooths notes
      2017 50 Favorite pics
      Video clips

     2015- Sawtooth's & Whitecloud's                          pics | video

     2012-  Sawtooths, White Clouds, Lost
                 River, Lemhi's

     2010Seven Devils & White Clouds 

     2006- Sawtooths   Pics  |   Video
               Dayville Pics
               Steens Pics

HIKING:  Eagle Cap Wilderness

      2005 with Dwayne

      2006 with Dwayne

Climbing Pics

OLD HIKES -  2009 - 2014

2014Biking / Hiking in Bend: Epic 2  

2013Darren's 40th: bike/hike in Bend   

2013Hiking with grandkids (Duffy, Santiam Lk)

2013Warner Mt Lookout (xc ski & snowshoe)

2012Mt. Si (8 mile hike/class3-scramble) 

2012Warner Mt Lookout (xc ski & snow shoe). 

2010Wahtum Lake -> Eagle Creek 

2009Hunt's Cove trip 
HIKING:  O R E G O N  (2009-16)


Madrone Lp xMas hike with Keaton  (gaia)

SulphurSpr-Madrone-McCulloch-west Lp  (gaia)

S. Clackamas Hike (picsDaveOldPics  (gaia)

Sardine Mt (David Gasser), snowy    (gaia)

SoapCk > madrone > NoSecret > McCul. Lp (gaia)

Home > CroisanMt > Homestead > MintoLp  (gaia)

SilverFalls > BuckMt N > Perimeter: Hatz   (gaia)

Peavy > Nettleson > Dave's Trail > Lp   (gaia)

Rocky Butte Loop (Steve)   (gaia)

PDX: Marquam - Council Crest- Schmidt  (gaia)

PDX: Marquam - OHSU Lp - Randy (gaia map)

Adair - Bracket-bushwhack, daves trail  (gaia)

SoapCk - Dimple Hill 'cardo Lp' 4 guys   (gaia)

Dunn- Rd 200 - ForestPk- Matthew   (gaia)

3-Fingered Jack (Jesse, Jim)  (gaia

SoapCk - DimpleHill via hills (BJ)  (gaia)

SoapCkTH - Price Pk - McCulloch Lp  (gaia)

Shellburg > Silver Falls. Costa and Rasca

Bear Pt & Triangular Pk-Boca Cave (D. Schmidt)

Lookout Mt (Eric, Hollie, David G.)

Opal Ck - Whetstone Mt Lp (Michael)

Silver Falls- The Good, Bad, & Ugly

Hike with Mike's --- McCulloch Peak area

Peavy perimeter Lp (Hatz's)

Dog Mt (the Lindauers)

Dimple Hill from Walnut TH (Dan/Hatz)

Dunn- Rd 100 Hatz-Costa

McCulloch - Dimple Lp from Sulphur Spr.

Dunn- Rd 100- Forest Pk with Drew

Dunn Forest- Tapico Rd200 with Hatz

Dunn Forest- TapicoRd200 - Forest Pk Lp

Pittock Mansion - Hoyt Aboretum Lp - Randy

SulphurSpr - ForestPk - McCullochPk (Dwayne)

MacForest- n'ern Lp via McCulloch (Jesse)  video

Silverton (with Betty)

Tapico - Forest Pk - Soap Ck (Dan, Hatz). Thru

Tapico - Dunn Forest (Forest Pk+). Mike Costa

Silver Falls (Hatz, Dan, Steve). March.

Sulphur Spr (McCulloch Pk - PricePk - Chasteen)

Exploring Mac to Dunn (Hatz) Map.  10mi, 2000'

Exploring Mac and Dunn (Forest, Price area)

Cougar Mt (Issaquah) Loop (14 mi, 2700')

WhiskeyCamp Snowshoe Trip (with Jeff)

Shellburg - AyersCk Lp (with Bryan)

Maxwell Butte Sled-Ski Test (with Jeff)

SulphurSpr - McCulloch - Price Pk Lp

SulphurSprings - Mac Dunn Forest - Hatz

January- Silver Falls ICE hike with Hatz


Snowshoe with Dave S     Dave's Pics

Silver Falls & Shellburg Falls --- Detailed Trail Map

Silver Falls Loop - with Dwayne

Snow/Ice Lp --- Home > Croisan Trail > Cemetary

Silver Falls (Matt's trail, Youth Camp, Perimeter)

Silver Falls (Hatz, Jesse, Jim). 

Sept: S.Sister with Jesse, Jim, Todd

Sardine Mt - Mayflower Lp (David G.)  video

Hamilton Mt Loop (Jesse, Clinton)

Table Mt (Eric & Hollie)

ColumbiaGorge: HorsetailCk-RockOfAges (Dave)

Silver Falls + Perimeter (Bryan)   15.5mi

Sardine Mt (w. David).  June trip

McDonald Lp (Adair)- Bryan H. and Jessie L. 

Sardine Mt (w. Mike & David).  

Herman Ck, Indian Pt  (Eric, Susan, Dan Little)

Building My Gaiters  Pics   60-sec video (elastic)
Whetstone Mt. (with Dustin, Oly Grad) Pics  Video

Hamilton Mt (the Gorge). D. Schmidt, S. Lindauer

OSU Forestry Rapes piece of Mac Forest.

Bend Trip: Hike around Smith Rocks (Monkeyface)

Bend Trip (Hoodoo, and the mountains)

Bend Trip (2016 National XC Championships)

Silver Falls 'Bushwhack' Lp 2. David  pics  |  video

Mac Forest: E-W loop via Dimple & McCulloch

Jan 2, SilverFalls+Peri. w Friends. 23 deg.

WhiskyCamp GS Snowshow/xc-ski   Pics  |  


McCullochPk from SoapCk TH (DavidSch)

McCulloch Pk from SoapCk TH (solo)

McCulloch Pk) from OakCk TH- w. DavidG.

SilverFalls Perimeter- David.G  pics |video

McDonald Forest with Dwayne  (15.5 mi)

Black Rock bike/hike (son)    pics  |  video

Climbing the 3Sister's w. Darren: pics | video

Bald Mt to McNeil Pt Loop  (Lindauer's)

McDonald Forest- OakCreek- McCulloch Peak

McDonald Forest- Saddle >DimpleHill Loop

McDonald Forest- Chip Ross>DimpleHill Loop

Opal Creek > Battle Ax Mt loop with Mike C.

Opal Creek > Whetstone Mt Loop with Reed

Silver Falls - Perimter BIG outer loop - BJ only

Silver Falls- 10-falls+Perimeter with Doug

Silver Falls Loop (with bro & friends)

Silver Falls Perimeter with Drew, Zech & Doug

Shellburg Falls > Silver Falls (w. Mike & Doug)

Shellburg Falls to Silver Ck Falls- cool

Minto Brown new Loop (with Darren & the boys)

Wahkeena Falls Lp with brother & friend

Black Rock (Falls City) Mt Biking Trail system

 HIKING:   O R E G O N  (2017 ...)


Sulphur-TrailWoe-McCull-FunnelCk, Hatz (gaia)

Minto Brown outer loop . (gaia)

700-Poison-IrisMeadow-McC-FunnelCake . (gaia)

Sulphur-720-760-Iris-McC Pk Lp Map  (Gaia)

Warner Mt Lookout: Map Pics  Gaia  Planning doc

Gate200-SBerryCk-ForestPkLp-Costa . (gaia)

Silver Falls- Jan 3 w. Betty


Peavy Perimeter Lp (12 mi) .  (gaia)

S.Falls-214-Newt-Cata-YCamp Hatz-David (gaia)

Sardine-Mayflower-snowyLp . video .  (gaia)

Sulphur-McCul-Narnia-BakerCk-Dwayne (gaia)

Sardine-eRidge-Tumble-DomeRk-TLkTr . (gaia)

Portland- Hikes-Views (OSBA)   Madison HS Tour

Sardine-DomeRk-TumbleLk-Mayflower-DG (gaia)

Sardine-TumbleLk-MayflowerLp David .  (gaia)

N.Fork Santiam-Hatz-Dan-boys

Whetstone-OpalCk Loop, David . (gaia)

SardineMt-DomeRock with David  (gaia)


3FJ-Santiam/BurleyLk Lp (Jesse, Jim)  video  gaia

Kayak- B.Vista-RogueHop-Hatzs-Doughertys

3 Creeks-TamMcArthurRim-NoNameLk Lp  (gaia)

Sulphur-McCulloch (plaque)-Dimple Hatz (gaia)

Timberline-ParadisePkLp (Jesse/Clinton)  (gaia)

Tampico Rd 400 - Forest Pk Lp logged (gaia)

Hamilton Mt - Hardy Ridge, Winston  (gaia)

JawboneFlats > Cedar > with Dave (gaia) (video)

Sulphur-Plunge2-McCulloch-MadroneMinus (gaia)

Sulphur- ThePlunge -McCulloch- Madrone  (gaia)

3-Peaks: Forest-McCulloch-DimpleHill  (gaia)

SulphurSpr - Dimple Hill Lp - Stu   (gaia)

Catamount-CampSilverCk - Dwayne (video) (gaia)

Opal Ck - Whetstone Lp - Dwayne  (video) (gaia)

KAYAKING BuenaVista-RogueHopFarm Hatz/Dan

Hamilton Mt - Hardy Ridge w. Costa   (gaia)

Dunn - Forest Pk Perimeter (Gate 100)  (gaia)

Sulphur-McCulloch-PricePkLp- Hatz  (gaia)

Rattlesnake Mt Loop (Jason)   (gaia)

Sulphur-ForestPk-McCulloch-Lp Chasteen (gaia)

Peavy-Dave'sTrail: clinton, hatz, scott, drew (gaia)

Dimple>Narnia>McCulloch, MikeC  (video) (gaia)

Sulphur-NARNIA Lp with shadow  (gaia)

Silver Falls Lp. Steve  (gaia)

Sulphur-McCulloch-HatzSpecialLp  (gaia)

Salem- Hatz, 7.5 mile my heritage loop  (gaia)

Sulphur-McCulloch-ChuteMe Lp Drew/Zech (gaia)

CatamountTrail. snow. SilverFalls. Schmidt (gaia)

Whisky, Butler.Butte, BunchGrass  video (gaia)

Sulphur>Starker-HenryCoda-McCul-Jesse (gaia)

SilverFalls 7mi- Rob Fairbank  (Gaia)

Sulphur>ChuteMe>McC>Narnia Hatz video (gaia)

Sulphur>McCulloch>Starker>Dimple-Costa (gaia)

Sulphur>Dimple>Oak>McCulloch-Jesse  (gaia)

LewisburgSaddle-RidgeLp-Costa  (gaia)

Sulphur>Dimple>Oak>Skillings>McCulloch  (gaia)

HIKING (links, tutorials)

SPOT reports

, by Jeffrey Lazarow

How I feed the rat ---  by B. .Jahn
“... without knowing who you are and what you are capable of - I can’t think of anything sadder than that.” A.Alverez

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McDonald - Dunn Trails - Map

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Seefeld - ReitherSptize - Trinkbrunner Loop     12 miles   |    5,960 ascent