Mid-Realm Bardic Madness XX: That Which is Olde is New Again

Greetings and Welcome are bid to all Bards and Friends of the Bardic and other Performing Arts!  
Bardic Madness Midrealm is celebrating Twenty Years and counting - That which is olde is new again!

   Bardic Madness Midrealm will take place October 27, 2018
in the 
Canton of Grey Gargoyles (Midlothian, IL)
With many thanks for their hospitality in hosting this bardic community event this year.

We are asking for attendees, past and present, for assistance selecting this years challenges, using those from past Bardic Madness!
Please fill out and submit the provided form, and the event staff will organize the fyts with the final challenges selected by you! 
The final selections to be published by early September.
(3/27/18 - Form Coming Soon!)

Day Site:

St Stephen Lutheran Church
14700 S Kildare
Midlothian, IL, 60445

Are you interested in hosting Mid-Realm Bardic Madness XXI or XXII?
Please Visit our
Event Bid Page For Details!

*SCA Bards and The Bardic Arts = (in general)  Those whose perform created or selected works with focus around a narrative/story.  Singers, singer-songwriters, wordsmiths, poets, storytellers creating and performing works with a focus on the story and narrative.  Covering material from SCA periods and cultures, about or inspired by historical events, period legends and heroes; as well as drawing from the culture, events, experiences, traditions, and people from 'Modern Middle Ages.

Some performer types including, but not limited to:  
Poets, singers, storytellers; singer-songwriters, wordsmiths; minstrels, musicians, instrumentalists; Bards, Fillids, Griots, Jongleurs, Minnesingers, Meistersingers, Olaves, Scops, Skalds, Troubadors, Trouveres...  And Welcoming All Friends of the Performing Arts including:  Actors, Fools, Improvisational Artists, Jesters, Jugglers, Magicians, Mimes, Movement Arts, Mummers, Physical Theater, Players, Theater, and more!)