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Hello & welcome to the homepage of the Baltimore SDIY Group, formerly known as The ElectroAcoustic Orchestra & the Baltimore SDIY Variable Ensemble.

I started this group in November of 2007 here in my hometown of Baltimore MD, in what was to have only been an electronic music synthesizer users group to have discussions & demonstrations amongst like-minded individuals in the Baltimore/DC/VA areas. By May of 2008, the group quickly morphed into a live shows performance-based entity under the former title of The Baltimore SDIY Variable Ensemble & for one performance only on June 16th 2008, former groupmember Dave Vosh & myself along with a friend of mine, Barry Allen who plays the conga drums, were known as The ElectroAcoustic Orchestra. June 16th 2008 was also the date of our first live video which is now on YouTube under the name ElectroAcoustic Orchestra (, & quickly became the starting point for many many future shows to come. Since July of 2008, we have performed in over 30 live shows that consists of various personnel lineups within the group as well as collaborations with several non-members on a regular basis. Our musical styles consists of Ambient, Techno, Electronica, Noise, Drone compositions which are heavily influenced by Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Stockhausen, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Herbie Hancock, Synergy, Tomita, etc.

The electronic music instruments that we perform with consists of theremins, analog modular & non-modular synthesizers, digital synthesizers & host of various controlling devices.

Several of our members, including myself, design & manufacture our own electronic music modules & systems.

Some of our members live in the Baltimore/Washington DC/Virginia regions and we are hoping to expand our membership even further.

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