Update Guidelines

These instructions are for those who are keeping this site updated.

Field Status
  1. Mark "Open" in green text and "Closed" in red text
  2. Update the "Updated At" column with Day Month Year (may optional include day of week and time, but that is optional) (sorry but this step cannot be easily automated, plus it is not too hard to do)
  3. When Closed, re-evaluate field status each morning.
Field Details and other information
  1. Put all field specific documents and pages under the Map page for any specific field.
  2. For field specific instructions/guidelines, please put these on the Map page or as sub page under the Map page for a given field. Having them be a regular site page allows them to be updated more easily than if the instructions are in PDF. It is ok to maintain field instructions on your own website and link to them as long as the web URL won't change or disappear and leave a broken link on this site.
  3. Each RC in Area 2J has edit access to this site and may designate others in their region to maintain it. But please keep this to a minimum of people.  Only one person at a time can edit any given page.
Thanks for helping to maintain this site! Coordinated hands make light work!