General Guidelines

Youth sports depend on city and school fields for practices and games.  If just a few teams or parents fail to follow the usage rules for a field, we may lose rights to use a field.  Please make sure EVERY family understands the rules for the fields your team is using.  If problems occur, individual teams may lose access to fields for practices or games so a Region does not lose the field for all teams.

Each field we are using has specific and detailed rules.  In addition, each field can be closed due to weather conditions.  Current field conditions are posted on our fields status page.

Here are the general guidelines that cover all fields:

Kid Zone:

No Smoking.  No Alcohol.  No Swearing.

Bath Rooms:

Only available at fields in city parks or where AYSO has provided a port-a-potty.

Field Conditions:

If it is or has recently been raining, field is wet or soggy we cannot use the field.

If the general field condition is OK, avoid soft, wet or worn spots in the grass.

Report any safety issues (gopher holes, bees, etc) to the Safety Commissioner ASAP


Schools do not provide trash receptacles for public use. 

Any items you bring to a practice or game, you must take home with you. 

Always leave the field as clean, if not cleaner, than you found it.


Use only designated parking lots or legal street parking. 

No drop off or pickups in Day Care Center parking areas.  

While driving around schools or parks, be cautious and obey all laws.


Absolutely NO DOGS allowed on any School grounds.

During AYSO activities, we ask that you not bring dogs. There are kids (and Parents) that are very afraid of and/or allergic to dogs.


No trash or equipment left behind.

If applicable, Goal stored and locked.

If applicable, equipment shed and bathrooms locked