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Guidelines for Use

Westmont High School
4805 Westmont Ave, Campbell, CA
(408) 378-1500

- Parking on Westmont Ave near the entrance gate (noted on the map) is the best bet. There should be plenty of parking for one game at a time. Try to ask people to park on the school side of the street to minimize the disturbance for the neighborhood. Do not allow people to climb the fence to gain access to the field.
- While there may be trash cans out near the field, these are the property of WHS and not intended for AYSO/PCSSL teams to dump trash. Please be sure you ask all teams to pack out their own trash at the end of the games. If we all try to enforce this for each game when we contact the visiting team coaches, we will not leave a trash problem for the final R64 teams of the day to clean-up. I do not want a call from the AD on Monday morning telling me we left piles of trash on the field or in the school cans.
- We are sharing the porta-potty located behind the baseball backstop with WHS. It should be left unlocked for our use. If you find it locked for some reason, let me know and we can take it up with the AD on the following Monday. Hopefully this does not become a problem, there will be no bathroom access in the buildings and folks should not need to go in there for any reason.