About AYSO:

What is AYSO all about?

AYSO is a different than other competitive soccer leagues. Please visit our About AYSO page to learn more and make sure that we are the right fit for you and your player.

What is Region 256 and where is it?

Please visit this link to learn about our small, but mighty Prunedale AYSO Region 256.

About Registration:

Where can I find information about the Fall season (age divisions offered, is travel required, etc.)?

Please. visit our Registration Page for more information. 

When are fall sign-ups?

Fall Sign up dates should be listed on our Home Page when they become available.

How do I register my child?

You can register your child through the AYSO registration website, Blue Sombrero here.

To find more info regarding registration visit our Registration Page.

How do I know what age division my child should be in?

The registration system will automatically determine the correct age divisions for your player when you go to register them.  

This is an explanation of the age breakdown as described by the national AYSO website:

"AYSO changed from a school year registration to a birth year registration in order to align with other youth soccer providers and the U.S. Soccer Player Development Initiatives.

The effective date of age determination for registration shall be the player’s age as of December 31 looking ahead of the Membership Year.  Example: For MY2023 the division the child will be placed in will be determined based on their age on December 31, 2024.

Participants who shall turn four years of age between January 1 and December 31 are eligible for AYSO Playground Soccer.

To help in determining the proper age and division for players, the following chart is provided and guidelines and rules are as follows from U.S. Soccer:

Click here to see the AYSO Age Chart PDF if you would like to know where your child falls based on their age before you register.

Are there any discounts (e.g. sibling, referral)?

Yes! We offer sibling and referral discounts. Please click here for more info.

What comes after registering my child?

After your child is registered, they will be expected to attend mandatory assessments. These assessments are not tryouts. At AYSO, we try our best to create balanced teams. In order to do that, we hold open practices that allow us to assess the skills of each player before they are placed on a team. To read more about this process, please click here.

Assessment dates are listed on our home page calendar each season. Please be sure to block off those dates to the best of your ability so that your player can attend.

How are teams formed?

One of our values here at AYSO is the creation of balanced teams. In order to do this, volunteer coaches assess each player's skill before they are placed on teams during our mandatory assessments. We then have a process by which we allocate players based on their skill level and age so that teams are as balanced as possible. Keep in mind that we may also attempt to take into account player requests for transportation reasons or other special circumstances. This can be a difficult process and does not always work out perfectly. Please keep in mind that this is a learning process for our players. They may not always be on the best team. There is no guarantee that they will win, but we hope that our values of good sportsmanship and player development create a safe and encouraging learning environment where they not only become better soccer players, but better people.

To learn more about the process of team formation, click here.

What and when is Opening Day?

Please look at the calendar on our Home Page to see when Opening Day is held each season. It is often the last weekend in August.

Opening day is a day to celebrate the start of our season with games and fun events. We may also have picture day on that day. Look for more information on our Home Page as the day grows nearer.

When is Picture Day?

Please look at the calendar on our Home Page to see when picture day is being held.

When are practices?

Practice days and times vary with each team. Each coach determines when their team practices during the week. Once your player has been placed on a team, their coach will get in touch with you and let you know when they have scheduled practice. One way to guarantee you can make practices is to volunteer to coach. 

If you have forgotten when or where your practices are being held, please contact your coach.

When and where are the games?

8U divisions and below play all their games at Manzanita Park. 10U and above typically have both home and away games that may require travel to Hollister (10U), Aromas (10U) or San Jose Area (12U and above). Please look at our Game Schedules Page for more information or contact your coach.

What are "Post-Season Tournaments"?

In age divisions 10U and above, each team has an opportunity to move on to post-season tournaments that take place after the regular season games end (usually the end of November or beginning of December). This is typically determined by their performance during the regular season. For more information, please contact your coach, or visit our Post Season Tournament Page (currently under construction).

Do you have a spring season?

Yes, we do! However, it is coach-driven as opposed to "open registration" like our fall season. This means that we need coaches to volunteer and form their own teams. Find more information on Spring Season at this link.

About Volunteering

Where can I find more information about Volunteering?

We are 100% volunteer run and depend on our player's parents to make this league great. Please visit our Volunteer Page to learn how to chip in.

How do I register as a volunteer?

Please visit our Volunteer Page and fill out our Volunteer Survey to learn more.

Do I need a background check to volunteer?

Yes, you will need to complete a background check and livescan fingerprint in order to participate as a coach, referee, team parent or board member. or any position working directly with players. If you have a known criminal history or your criminal record is currently in question, please do not apply for these positions. Please visit our Volunteer Page for more information.

Can High School students earn community service hours by volunteering at AYSO?

Yes! We especially recommend our youth referee positions to earn community service hours. Please fill out our Volunteer Survey Form and visit our Volunteer Page for more information.

Where can I find more information on volunteer training?

Please visit our Volunteer Page for more information.


I need to withdraw my child from soccer, is a refund possible?

Yes, in some cases. Please visit our Refund Page to find out more.

How do I contact the region?

We do not currently have an active phone number due to a lack of volunteers. If you would like to contact us by email, please visit our Contact Us page.