X Press Release June

London - Sahara - London

29 September - 19 October 2001

A metamorphosis : From Wreck to Rally Car

Tristan Connell and James Sims Williams: old school friends, adventurers and rally-stars-to-be, both 23 are competing in the exciting forthcoming World Cup Rally.

Tristan and James have always talked about rallying and cars. Although they have no competition experience, this is the ideal opportunity to demonstrate their skills as it is the first such event since 1974; where the doors have been opened to amateurs, travelling in essentially unmodified road cars.

Competing in the under 1100cc class, on this gruelling 10,000km course they needed a car with proven endurance and reliability at a cost that wouldn't break the bank. The choice was limited, but oh so obvious…a Renault 4. A sorry looking 4 was purchased for £75 and is currently undergoing extensive restoration and preparation by the experts at Corner Garage in Dorset (Tel. 01308 488238). Chris the proprietor says of the car " it has very good road holding, even in wet conditions, and is excellent off road because of its high ride height and amazing supple suspension - they have a great chance of winning".

The team also feel that this rally is a great way to honour the 40th Anniversary of the Renault 4, which has been a trusted friend for many, over the years.

Production of this wonderful little car ceased some 15 years ago, however it is still used and abused across the continents of the world, reassuring the team that it will be able to rise to this incredible challenge. In fact the little Renault is still one of the most popular cars in both France and Morocco - so hopefully no problems in finding spares then?!

This event is bound to capture both the media and public's interest once again. The event will be publicised on a vast array of media and the boys are offering advertising space on the car to the right company who wants to benefit from this fascinating medium to create more awareness for their brand (for more details http://4rally.topcities.com).

James who has military navigation and engineering experience will take the primary role as co-driver, whilst Tristan who has much long-distance driving experience, will be in command of the wheel; for most of the time anyway!

The boys are waiting with baited-breath for the event and will be hoping to see their rosy, red Renault displayed on one of the winners' plinths at the Motor show.