Garuda Temple No. 1
Established 9th January 1902
Usually meets on varying Sundays: March (closest to equinox), May (usually 1st), June (closest to solstice), September (closest to equinox), October (usually last) and December (usually first) at the Masonic Hall, Blackwall, Halifax HX1 2BE, West Yorkshire, UK.
The principal Officers of the Temple for 2017-18 are:
President of Garuda: RWBro. Dr Peter Maxwell-Stuart
Indra: WBro. Clive Warham
Guardian of Light: WBro. Ramesh Khetani
Guardian of the West: Bro. John Warham
Guardian of the South: Bro. Tim Grunwell
Secretary: VWBro. Robert Miller
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Click here for an image of the first page of the Membership Register of this Temple (c.1902)

Blackwall Masonic Hall