There are presently four Temples of the Order, with further Temples planned for the USA and India. Each temple is named 'Garuda Temple', with numbering identifying precedence within the Order.
Garuda Temple No. 1 (founded 9th January 1902)
    The Masonic Hall, Blackwall
    Halifax, West Yorks, UK
    Usually meets on varying Sundays: March (closest to equinox), May (usually 1st), June (closest to solstice), September (closest to equinox), October (usually last) and December (usually first)
Garuda Temple No. 2 (founded 9th September 1972)
    The Masonic Hall
    Radlett, Herts, UK
    Usually meets on 2nd Saturday of March, September and December

Garuda Temple No. 3 (founded 11th November 2011)
    Ivalda Masonic Hall
    Ivanhoe (Melbourne), Victoria, Australia
    Usually meets on 2nd Sunday of March, June, September and December
Garuda Temple No. 4 (founded 14th November 2011)
    Hawthorn Masonic Hall
    Lower Mitcham (Adelaide), South Australia
    Usually meets on 4th Saturday of March, June and September
Garuda Temple No. 5 (founded 27th April 2013)
   Allentown Masonic Temple
   1524 Linden Street, Allentown, PA 18102 USA
   Usually meets on the 1st Saturday of March, the Sunday after the 4th Saturday of June and the Sunday after the 2nd Saturday of September

Garuda Temple No. 6 (founded 14th April 2014)
  Freemasons' Hall 
  14 Ethiraj Salai
  Egmore, Chennai, India