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Hockey Club

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Grinding since 1995

Started back in a year when Gangsta’s Paradise was the top single, we  still play twice per week. Wed. nights at 7 pm, Sun. mornings at 9 am. 5 on 5 with no goalies, smaller goals, gel-filled hockey balls. We recently installed boards all the way around our “rink” near the Kirkwood neighborhood (close to I-20 and Moreland Ave). We have guys in their awkward high school teen years all the way up to their 60s…though the average age is probably 35-40.

We spend more time on the Facebook page than we do this website. And we spend way more time working and thinking about hockey than actually playing. 

ASH offers a full line of physical fitness and mental health support including training sessions and counseling. 

Interested in playing? Send us an email and we'll hook you up with our super secret BenchApp Code.

Why BenchApp? The hipsters are too cool for Facebook and the old-timers aren't cool enough for Snip Snap, Snapchat, Swipe Right, Instacart, Instagram or whatever you call it. BenchApp is an iOS and Android friendly app. It conveniently tracks numbers, so we know who to expect, and offers in app messaging. Hit that contact form above to reach us. 

Our Moment of Infamy


ASH 50/50 Annual Fundraiser

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Annual Atlanta Street Hockey Awards 

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