The Beginning

"when the end seems lifeless to begin. another creation begins for every creature to have a chance to change. when the lights of heaven bend together then the land of heaven remains seen and bound through our halo. because heaven regulates the land with waters and air to be the firmament of God's creation."
The Marriage In Heaven   

"the marriage is to be understood if not accepted trust is to be answered and given by the Father or It’s mother Zeus and Medusa. which is to be given unto it’s children of the world."

Jesus is the Lord

“The two who I saw from England and France are given to be my own in heaven.” 
Ρογήρος and Ρογήροςς™ do honestly swear that stigmatism is my proof in spirit that the twins of Jesus Christ are true. I love you Jesus. Amen.

The First or Last of It’s Coming

"the third of man may not rise or become thus in heaven for man did walk within man’s reach to trust the Holiest of Hollies. I was lost but now were found and the night heals the first of all fruits becoming One through Heaven’s Gate."  Amen

The Apostle   

"he who believes shall be anointed always gifted in the arts of man or angel in heaven one does open the Gates over man’s time to release the shower of God’s law upon the hearts of many. if one sighs let him breath. if one falls let him pick himself  up. if One becomes, He shall be loved and honored."

Native Dance   

"from the south of America the light travels one way open and sunny to begin as the world renews itself  for freedom. an opening in Heaven in trusted of the Native American who have been enslaved, murdered and kidnapped from their own will. trust is like an apple falling from it’s own destiny or from the Tree of Life which holds all answers.  for all nations only know One nation under God.  for God chooses no one before the time has been given to the American Indians."

Separated for Peace   

"the Day is not from Egypt or from one country but from all scattered Kings Who are One of many birds singing to My Own House as the wings were prepare in flight to be as a dove upon the Tree of Life. hope is One from heaven as an open gate to fly within our cages. as the dove sings the light of all days combined are separated to be just in the Eyes of God."
Love God and Neighbor
  1. "what pleases us in spirit is of the spirit that knows all things and all things known to be pleasing to us. what is born to spirit is of the spirit and what pleases the Lord pleases house and neighbor undivided"

  2. "so keep your house~(
    allies)close, and your neighbor~(enemy)even closer." ~Sun Tzu and The Art of War

"truth and wisdom dictates that two warring factions become allies and neighbor."

The House of God

"if One opens tomorrow shall he foresees what he does instantly.  for if One sees for the helper of the One under succession to God, churns the fire that burns his own house to be every House of America. if God holds you to be his fire or everlasting then i would rather the house be cold neither hot nor warm during it's Summer in Heaven

one who comes before the gates of Valhalla is given the horn of a ram with a mouth of fine brass made dry from a melody or taps of a sacrificial Lamb skin that honors the memory a fallen veterans rising out from the thunders and from the winds of reveille awakened by destiny of the lamb and by a new generation that’s trudging under a bridge as if one had been quaked long ago from the blasting of it’s horn(s) causing the two horns to separate and rut a time until prophecy rested deep in a field of sleep to awaken deja vu and plant a mirage of a bridge standing two fold and upright in the midst of clouds that drew itself upon the surface of the earth measured and remeasured to be once and twice and thrice the size of the first bridge standing."

"heaven is like the turning of the house of stone without  the Knight falling and from the south did one enter north and north south to count the heavens unto One knowing the North and East of Avalon and the Island of the Kings who are ferried across the firmament by the greater northern ships of France and Germany seen above the thunders of its skies jousting across our heaven to be seen as the calling of the kings the had no coronation to be under the flag of truce and what become the giver and host to a Viking's town of Whitby that fall upon every knight and squire who is to be my brother's keeper and London's Bridge. London's Bridges now falls between the chasm of fire that brought forth Angels and Heaven to pull the sword of Kings and the know the true given hand of Merlin to Excalibur through the Son of it's own Kingdom. for he who brings the sword to the King of England also knights the host of Hosts 'he who lights  and fires of the lake that was made twice the distance and thrice the heavens width under the banner of Uther Pendragon who also shines for the last battle that pulls the sword from his own strength and wisdom to be under the lakes of fire kept for His own seed who is also Merlin our father without a son."

"London Bridges the three now opened from China's Walls in strength of the Three bridges that made One width and measure."


"if one has many seeds of destruction then you will reap the benefits of heaven by the hand of God who knows that man plowed many days and many nights to be the owner of an acre eye for eye, and a time for a time be in season and near the end of harvest. for man to make his living he hires three unwelcomed guest. and places them in charge of the harvest to bring the equal shares of men, awaiting and feeling under the weather of heaven reaping, but the guest who become mad until a time was due to fall beside those who plowed these seeds of man to many and through One to be the heavens maker and time spoken for. from the south the last trumpet sings and the word that was hidden became manifested unto all who knew sin and the man didn’t work until he knew that his job was done. and now from the heaven did we know the the judgment of God is pure and true to be good to know every one that reaps for God to be our health and redemption to honor for this day of judgment unto God that no man will be able to know, that to be the giving or the reaping of tomorrow under heaven, to fall from the shortage of breath and seizures to be our laughter and a smile to be filled with a spirit of God that makes us cry and beg for mercy unto what breaks or destroys the sins of men. by this i verily verily say unto you if the man smiles and you smile back the heavens already have fallen and the final is trumpet has been blown."


free of sins, mind and body. heaven must be free and let man become as well to be either happy or a sinner. freemen will sing or dance to be happy. even laughter heals the the sick and frees the sinner at heart for what pleases us in spirit is of the spirit that knows all things and all things known to be pleasing to us. so keep your house close, and your neighbor even closer, for it has been truth and wisdom dictates that two warring factions become one house and neighbor. exchange of Marriage fortifies this bond signifies that light is order in the house of two factions that become neighbors. and as the night passes to day your being awakens your heart and mind to be free again.

City of God

because of the heaven we remain guiltless and free for the heaven to seal the mark of God in man. his number is 666 and the first without trust will come out of the mouth in time, for as the one who speaks blasphemy without knowing shall be punished as the first and the last to be the beast of me and the giving of heaven. but as the heavens yield mercy shall i give heaven praise? if one would fall from heaven the gates will remain shut. but if the gates shut before the less knowing to be guest and sacrificial lambs to the slaughter then one never know less than what he knows. as for the guest he who lives in terror will live in peace. as the wave pushes forth against the sand so shall terror blindly roll back unto the same waters from whence it came.

because i was alone and now becoming the foot soldier of this regime of God’s purpose to block any defensive measure the comes forth unto us. but the last order of man became wise and sat in company to heaven and all it’s fortitude was swept aside as the true culture arises from their own ashes and the fallen to be risen again. for the night will hold no sleepless from dreams or from the house of tomorrow be taken. if two warring factions open the heavens together then both will be given the keys of heaven that turns wrong to right and pleases the lord for their mercy shall be given 1000 fold unto one city remade to jasper and iron, waters that flow between and underneath the lands of our forefathers promise that every third of heaven and every third marriage shall be complete.

because of the woman who holds her day innocent and pure from heart shall be your reward and heaven tomorrow to have our children playing together and becoming the truth of our existence.


true blessings come from the Father of Cuba and from the Woman who is His Mother for the day of Tallahassee and Miami Florida to be taken with our sister of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean of your birth (Fidel Castro) to be also the Atlantic shores of our own waters and life in passion to be The Lord’s trinity.

reminder for the under water prophet JeRa

The Belly Dancer

O India as she enter through the window i could see somewhere over a rainbow as she bent backwards showing the softness of her body and smoothness of curve. she l was as blue as the jay bird way up high and her eyes were as big and beautiful as the stars shined around Her waist that sparkled and chimed as all night until morning sky lifted her up to Heaven. The Holy of Holies