Meetings & Minutes

Patient Participating Group

The next PPG Meeting will be held on Tuesday 7th December 2021 at 11.00 am at Ivanhoe Social Club, 1 Wilfred Close. This will be our third face to face meeting since the Covid 19 lockdown.

Meetings are also available via zoom for anyone wishing to join.

Minutes of previous meetings are given below:

Minutes of the Meeting of Castle Medical Group PPG

held on Tuesday, 5th October 2021

at Ivanhoe Social Club and by Zoom


In attendance: Karen Wesson (Chair); Hilary Mercer (Sec), Martin Cooper, Tony Green (virtual), Brenda Hall (virtual), Hugh Hall (virtual), Bhiku Mistry, Lee Pinnegar, Renee Robinson

KW welcomed Lee (LP), a new member to the Group, to the meeting.

1. Apologies for Absence: Paul Boddington, Jennie Caukwell, Paddy Miles, Michael Phillips, David Price, Lesley Salter

2. Minutes of the meeting held on 7th September 2021 – Matters arising and approve

There were no matters arising. Approval of the Minutes was proposed by BhM and seconded by MC.

3. Reports

a) Fund Raising Group – BhM

BhM confirmed that there had been no activity for Fund Raising to date.

TG reported that he had followed up on possible funding opportunities from Tesco, Co-op and Severn Trent. However, this funding was to be used on specific active community work and the purpose of our funding was to provide equipment for the Practice, so unfortunately we did not meet the parameters laid down by them. Currently there are no funds available that we can tap into. He also explained that he had a list of equipment which will be needed following the completion of the Practice extension.

There is to be a meeting of the Trustees on 15th October 2021 and TG will report back at the next PPG meeting. TG

b) Castle Medical Group – KW on behalf of JC

Staff Changes – (see slide 2) Now in post: Facilities Lead Administrator – Alison Lupton; Management Team Administrator – Mitchell.

New Staff (starting October): Receptionists – Charlotte and Gemma; Coder/Summariser/Scanner – Carmen.

PCN additional role: Pharmacist full time – Samuel.

Currently Advertised: 2 full time Apprentices.

To be advertised: 1 part time Medical Administrator.

Interviewing: Assistant Practice Manager.

Flu Updates (see slide 3) – JC thanked the PPG and WI for their help in running the recent Flu Clinics.

Duathlon 2021 (see slide 4) – Dr Sanganee, Dr Krishnamurthy and Advanced Nurse Practitioner Tanya Collins are taking part in the Duathlon at Staunton Harold on 17th October 2021 to raise funds for the Friends of Castle Medical Group Charity. The aim is to use the funds to buy equipment and services which are not available on the NHS to benefit CMG patients. Donations can be made by going on to:

TG commented that there hadn’t appeared to have been much publicity for this event and perhaps the Administration Team should be more involved in promoting this to all patients and beyond. HH suggested posters in the Reception area of the Practice. KW also suggested this could be shared on social media to reach as many people as possible.

c) Report from the Chair – KW

Report from the Chair 5th October 2021

With many thanks to Bhiku Mistry our website has successfully transferred to the new format caused by a change in Googles terms and conditions. It is testing even Bics’ knowledge, but he is getting there.

CMG have also refreshed their website and it is now live, can I encourage you all to go on and have a look and let me know what you think? Is it easy to use? Is information easy to find? Anything you think is missing? The link to our website is within a large photograph right at the bottom of the home page – I found it easily, but not when trying the search option so I plan to mention that to Claire Mansfield.

There is another meeting of the North West Leics PPG’s planned for 13th October, still on Zoom so I will report on that at our next meeting. However Jake Cooke (GP Federation Manager) did send out some information on covid vaccinations for our region, I received them on the 8th September so they are a little out of date. I won’t go into detail, but the good news was that only 10.4% of the local population aged 18 and over had not been vaccinated (9027 people). I will ask Hilary to attach the full document with, age breakdowns, when she sends out the minutes to this meeting. (Attached)

I am pleased to report that following Mum and Dads move to Springfields their transfer from the old doctors to CMG went without a hitch. Forms filled, ID provided and registered within two days – very impressive and the reception team could not have done more. They also signed forms for me to act on their behalf and now when I log in to my account I can choose which of the three of us I want to order prescriptions for etc. I had a phone appointment with Sunit, the pharmacist, 9 days after handing the registration forms in and he already knew exactly what they were taking and why and arranged prescriptions. Well done all round!

Text messages are going out and calls being made to book Covid Booster jabs, at Measham and now Coalville Hospital some weekends too. Starting with the eldest and most vulnerable, patients will be contacted in turn and my advice is to book as soon as you get the text or call.

As you will be aware from previous reports from CMG Anne Jones, Facilities Manager , has now left the practice. I have been in touch and passed on very best wishes from the PPG, and our thanks for her help in the past.

I could not attend the CCG PPG Meeting last month, did anyone else? but Alan Bourne from Markfield sent me notes he had made:

Discussion held re views on how the vaccination programme has gone. Comments given to Public Health at this meeting:

Some felt interpreters should be available

Difficulty in getting there for some

Lack of pop up centres esp . in NW Leics, Rutland

Improvements for Booster prog more options this time as to venues…..Coalville hospital at weekends.

12-15yr olds will be vaccinated in schools

Findings of Primary care survey:

Over 5400 responses – main points:

Anxiety in patients with multiple conditions

A strong feeling face to face appointments important initially

Patients in poor health at the moment are not getting insufficient support

Actions 1 Practice websites need updating help from PPGs is important

2. Barriers need to improve the wait for patients trying to get through on the phone

3. Practices need to update customer care services

4.About 34% of patients now booking on line ?improve number if possible

5. 48% of patients felt they were treated respectfully

6. Only 23% felt it was easy to get through by phone.


People wanted more text messages, emails and letters to patients in general to keep patients informed of changes. Not everyone uses soc media.

That is it from me today, I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting, 2nd November 2021, to be confirmed.

Kind regards

Karen Wesson

4. Any Other Business

a) Covid Vaccinations – TG said that two countries, Ireland and Germany, had introduced Covid passports to be used to enter night clubs, sporting events etc. and take up of the vaccine in younger people had increased because of this. So maybe if we had the same system there could be a similar increase in the take up in this particular age group.

BhM commented that following his second vaccination he still had a muscular problem in his arm at the injection site. Having mentioned this to a Doctor at CMG he was asked to complete a form to report this side effect, however he was unable to as Reception did not have the appropriate form and were unaware of the existence of a form for recording side effects.

b) Blood Tests – LP expressed concern at having to wait ten days before having a blood test at the Practice and had not been made aware that a patient could go to Burton or Derby Hospitals to have this done earlier.

TG said that money had been spent on blood testing equipment in order to improve the system and questioned why patients had to wait so long for their results. He also went on to suggest that statistics regarding blood tests would be useful and what the process is that needs to be followed. There is an issue of concern and confusion and this needs clarification. JC could perhaps provide this information. JC

Sharing Results – MC also expressed concern that when receiving test results that need further investigation the patient should be contacted by a Doctor or an appropriate clinician rather than a Receptionist who was not in a position to answer important questions a patient may have.

Face to face consultations – TG raised the issue of face to face consultations and said that if CMG wished to continue with the alternatives of telephone or video calls they had to be as immediate and effective as face to face.

MC concluded that constructive feedback from the PPG was the way forward.

5. Date of next Meeting

The next PPG meeting will be held on Tuesday, 2nd November 2021 at 11.00 am. This will be held at Ivanhoe Social Club and, for those unable to attend in person, by Zoom.