White Nights Watercolour Sets

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Cardboard Box - Sets





Code 1941 091

Code 1941 154

Code 1941 213

Code 1941 061

12x10 ml tubes

12x18 ml tubes

24x18 ml tubes

24 pans, plastic insert





Plastic Box - Sets






Code 1942 036

Code 1942 062

Code 1942 090

Code 1942 017

Code 1942 258

12 pans

24 pans, no extra palette (bigger box than 1942 090, holds up to 24 pans only)

24 pans, extra palette, box can hold to to 36 pans

24 pans, extra palette, 'St.Petersburg' set, box can hold up to 36 pans

OUT OF STOCK! 36 pan, extra palette, box can hold up to 36 pans






To all the Watercolour Pan lovers!

What everyone loves about White Nights Artists' watercolours is the vibrancy, transparency and the beautiful pigments of the pan paints. The complete WN's watercolour palette of 55 paints has a balanced selection of traditional artist colours, including Cobalts and Cadmiums, to suit any painting technique, style or subject. It's an extensive choice of colours to satisfy those artists who use a limited palette and colourist artists where all the WN's colour variety is at their disposal.

These soft pan watercolours are really rich, delightfully vivid and lift easily with a damp brush without pre-wetting because they aren't completely dry.

The White Nights Artists' watercolour paints are highly loaded with a pigment and most of them (70%) are mono pigment colours. Rich darks are very easy to achieve up to an almost opaque layer as colours are strong and yet transparent if thinned with water.

The White Nights Artists' watercolours are made by a liquid pouring method with a Gum Arabic binder and a touch of honey. The method is considered to be more gentle to preserve the colour of the pigment and keep its brilliance untouched in comparison with dry watercolour cakes produced by dry extrusion. The WN's Earths, Cobalt Blue, Cerulean, Ultramarine, etc. leave a lovely granulation on a paper that adds a lot of character and mood to the paintings. They are often used to create a foreground and middleground textures.

The White Nights Artists' whole pan watercolours are larger and softer than dry half-pan cakes. They are easy to pick up with a brush just like tube paints. When using WN pan watercolours the size of a watercolour wash that you can mix for a large watercolour painting depends only on the amount of water to dilute paints and how big your brush is to pick up paints. WN paints in pans will not crack or harden when accidentally left uncovered or even if you stop using them for an extensive period of 5-10 years. They stay usable for years.

It also is very convenient to carry and use a WN pan set for outdoor sketching and painting on location because there is no need to stop half way through the wash to squeeze out paints from tubes. All the sets come in very compact plastic cases with a detachable lid that can be used as a palette. Inside the case there is an extra space for a small brush and one more palette.

To those who are not a watercolour pan lover.. Yet... Give it a try! The White Nights Artists' watercolours can become your favourite watercolours to use in a studio or outdoors and a favourite of all your pan collections.

Try it! Give us your feedback! We would love to hear from you. ART0ZZI