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Jukebox Saturday Night 6-7pm

Aurora Colony Vineyards Jazz Festival!

2016/06/18 Jukebox Saturday Night program #1000

Warming up...


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August 14th 2016.

Pan Am Reunion

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June 18th Saturday, 6:00pm on KMHD. Art will be celebrating the 1000th broadcast of Jukebox Saturday Night with special rare performances by some of our great jazz artists of the past. Recordings aired, will be for the first time.

Jukebox Saturday Night program #1000 at 6pm on KMHD Jazz Radio. Listen Thursday morning at 9:30am for an interview on The Morning Session with Derek Smith and then tune in Saturday June 18 at 6pm.

"Bye Bye Blackbird” August 2 2015 Wedding Celebration

2014 Portland Marathon

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Stan Kenton Project 2013 PDX Jazz Festival

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