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Historical Research

– Looking for the Evidence By Jennifer Baker ( Jenny Baker )

Research Disclaimer : Please note that This Research was done many years ago now :

so the information contained may now be out of date , photos gone missing or web links broken

My apologises : But It has become an impossible task to try and keep it up to date - Jenny

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There are 24 Pages of Research here

Dark Ages - Viking Research - Here you will find

Extant Finds

A Summary of Extant Scale, Mail & Lamellar Armour Finds

Extant Lamellar Armour Finds

Extant Mail Armour Finds

Extant Scale Armour Finds

Extant Wooden Shields Finds

Extant Helmets - Summary of Finds from Late Roman / Iron Age to 13th Century

Extant Shoes & Boots - Summary of Finds from Very Early to 10th Century

Extant Shoes & Boots - Summary of Finds from 11th century to 16th Century

Extant Bronze /Iron / Viking / Medieval age Hats- Caps - Headbands

Extant Iron Age / Viking / Medieval Hoods

Extant Saxon Clothing

Extant Frankish Clothing

Pre Viking - Early Period Clothing Finds

Food and Historical Recipes

What were Vikings commonly eating as food?

Archeological Botanical Food Finds in Britain

Archeological Botanical Food Finds in Britian - Viking

Historic Cook Books - From Roman to the 16th Century


Viking / Saxon Sewing Box

Viking Clothing Guides

What were Vikings commonly eating as food?

Archeological Botanical Food Finds in Britian - Viking

Viking Games Pieces & Boards

Varangian DNA

Varangian Voice Articles & On the Frontier Newsletter Articles

There are 6 Pages of Research here

Frontiers period : 17th - 19th Century Research - Here you will find

Timeline of Neckstocks and Cravats in the British Army

Extant Shoes & Boots - Summary of Finds from 17th century to 19th Century

Clothing Research

Historic Cook Books - From 17th to the 19th Century

On the Frontier Newletters

There are 11 Pages of Research here

Victorian & Military Railway Research - Here you will find

Victorian Railways

Victorian Railways Employee Records

Women of the Victorian Railways

Victorian Railways - Military

WW1 Victorian Railways Unit

Victorian Railways - WW1 Military Trains And Other Areas of Service

Victorian Railways Volunteer Regiment

Victorian Railways - WW1 Roll of Honours and Obituaries Lists

Victorian Railways - WW11 Rolls of Honour and Obituaries Lists

Victorian Railways WWII Ambulance Train

Upper Ferntree gully to Gembrook Narrow Gauge Line

Belgrave Timber Tramway

Off the Rails and around the Bend - The Train Derailment at Belgrave , Victoria in 1906

The Upper Ferntree Gully to Gembrook Railway - Building of the Line

Other Railway Military

The Edith Cavell locomotive

Note: Link to to the New website for it but it this is still a work in progress and some of the pages still need a lot of fix up work on them

Australian Women during WW1 - Here you will find


A Summary of Units in which Australian Women Served in during WW1

Australian Women Doctors who served in WW1

Australian Women who gave their lives in WW1

Other Research

Registration Lists of Victorian Nurses in the Victorian Government Gazette 1926 - 1958

New Zealand Volunteer Sisterhood

WW1 Resources for Re-enactors

There are 7 Pages of Research here

Other Areas of Research - Here you will find

Gerald Ryan, Queensland's Mystery Abstract Artist

Underwater Explorers club of Victoria

Nurses After the War ( WW1 )

WW1 - info

Bearded Soldiers of WW1

WW1 Red Cross Men

WW1 Red Cross Units Photos

WW1 Useful Information

Back ground to this Research

In 1984 with the birth of our first child, I started researching Our family History ... this lead to me helping to start the Narre Warren & District Family History Group with Carol Llewelyn and Lorriane Taylor.

In 1995 my husband Gary and I took up historical re-enactment this lead to a journey of researching and then re-creating items of equipment and clothing that we needed in our portrayals. We then got to a point where other club members started to ask us for help and information about what we were making. So then I stated to publish my research notes . Over the years We have done many Historical period of Time from Ancient Greek to WW1 ... well that lead to all the Research on all those Time Periods

You can see some of the projects that we created and the research notes on what they were based on our Thatshim & Indunna Historical Portfolio website :

In 2005 to 2008 I worked as a Specialist Incursion History Presenter for History UpClose and as they wanted to develop a WW1 program. I was asked to research what Australian Women did during WW1 ... well that lead to all the Research on Women's services in WW1

In 2015 I started volunteering at Puffing Billy Railway and the Railway's Museum at Menzies Creek ... well that lead to all the Research on The Railways stuff

We are not makers of history.

We are made by history.

Martin Luther King

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