Bucket flotation: China,
the Baligang Excavations

An archaeobotanical flotation photo gallery

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     Students practicing flotation as part of the 2004 field training program at Peking Univerisity's Baligang excavations (Henan).








    First samples are mixed......................and then poured (not too fast not too slow. Experience with a soil type will allow you optimize your pouring velocity. 

    Baligang is a major Late Neolithic site (from Pre-Yangshao periods and Yangshao through Longshan periods) in central China in the northern catchment of the greater Yangzi river. It has been under excavation by Peking University over a number of years and has revealed an important partial plan of a Yangshao settlement as well as later Longshan storage pits . Dorian Fuller took part in flotation in 2004 , and further systematic archaeobotanical sampling was carried out in 2007. The next season is planned for 2010.  Lab analyses are ongoing in Beijing and London.