Survey Data

The results of some surveys sent out by the ARC can be viewed here, and more will be released as the data is analyzed.

If you find mistakes, discrepancies, or something that looks sketch in our analysis, let us know and we'll try and fix it.

Faculty Advising Survey (May 2017)

How often do students meet with their advisors? What expectations do students have for their advisors? Are these expectations being met?

PDF Report: Available Now (FacultyAdvising)

Number of HSS Courses Taken by Students (April 2017)

How many HSS courses do students complete by graduation? How does this differ between students with and without an HSS major/minor?

PDF Report: Available Now (HSSReport)

Core SFC Survey - Core's Impact on Major Choice (January 2017)

How does core impact a student's choice of major?

PDF Report: Available Now (CoreOptionChoice)

Core Student Faculty Conference Survey - HSS Data (January 2017)

Do students feel the current HSS requirement is too much, too little or just right? When do students fulfill the requirement?

PDF Report: Available Now (SFCCore_HSS)

Core SFC Survey - Core Completion Time (January 2017)

What fraction of students finish core their freshman year? Which parts of core are they not completing?

Computing Education Student Faculty Conference Survey (December 2016)

Do students want CS1 to be a part of core? How prepared do students feel in statistics, data science, and numerical methods?

Survey Summary: Available Now (SFCComputing_Graphs)

Midterm Exams (Winter 2016)

How do students feel about midterms and what can be done to make them less excruciating? The results were presented to the Faculty Board at the October 2016 Faculty Board meeting.

PDF Report: Available Now (midtermsurvey)

Midterm Grades Survey (November 2016)

How often do students get midterm grades? Are students getting enough feedback before drop day to know if they need to drop the class?

PDF Report: Available Now (MidtermGradesReport)

Set Due Time Preference (August 2016)

What time of day do students want their sets due?

PDF Report: Available Now (SetDueTimePreference)

Hours Spent on Core Sets (Fall Term 2015)

How many hours do freshmen spend on their sets in core classes? The results were presented to the Core Curriculum Steering Committee.

PDF Report: Available Now (CoreHoursWinterAnalysis)