Student Faculty Conference

The Student Faculty Conference (SFC) is an all-day forum discussion between students and faculty about individual majors and undergraduate academics as a whole. The feedback and suggestions that come out of the SFC shape the future of academics and student life around campus. It is held biennially as a measure of self-scrutiny and review of Caltech education and student life.

In the fall, ARC appoints members of SFC Committees, made up of students and faculty. The committees spend a term analyzing individual aspects of academics or campus life, and lead a discussion on their findings at the SFC. Each SFC Committee then works to implement their recommendations and feedback from SFC and writes a short report summarizing their work.

The 2019 SFC will be held on Friday, March 8th.

Topics for the 2019 Special Committees will be the Academic Honor Code and Option Advising.

Option chairs for the conference are listed below.

The 2017 SFC was Wednesday, February 1st. The special committees were the Core Committee, the Computing Education Committee, and the Industry Opportunities Committee.

2017 SFC Option Committee Documents