ARC Programs

Student Faculty Interaction

One of the goals of the ARC is to promote student faculty interaction. Below are some of our student faculty interaction programs. Dates and details about upcoming events are sent out to the undergraduate email list.

Student Faculty Lunches - Once Per Term
Student faculty lunches are casual lunches where students can talk to professors. There are typically 4-5 professors at each lunch, and about 25 students are chosen by lottery.

Take a Prof to Lunch - Year Round
Have a cool prof you want to spend time with? Through this program, the ARC will pay for an Ath lunch for a professor and up to 5 students. If you are interested, please contact the ARC Chair at Funding is limited, and not all requests can be granted :/

Course Compliments
Let's spread some positivity around campus! If you have any profs/TAs that you find awesome, submit a course compliment here:

Mentoring / Educational Programs

The ARC runs several mentoring and educational resources. These programs are designed to help Caltech students succeed academically and to gain more from their education.

Software Seminars - Once Per Term
Software seminars are 2 hour sessions designed to give students a crash course in different software packages. We've had workshops in the past on Mathematica and git. Experienced speakers will give an introduction to different software and teach students how to use these tools.

Ombuds Training - Once Per Term
Ombuds are students who volunteer to act as a liason between students and the professor for a class. The ARC, in conjunction with the Center for Teaching Learning and Outreach (CTLO), runs an ombuds training session at the beginning of each term. Ombud training teaches ombuds how to gather course feedback and communicate with the professor. Lunch is provided.

Peer Advising
Before registration for next term, each house will host a Peer Advising session for upperclassman to talk about class recommendations and general course advice for next term, put on by your houses's ARC reps(s). 

Option Fair - Once Per Academic Year
The option fair is an event designed to help freshman choose which major to declare. Upperclassmen and faculty from each major come out to the Olive Walk and answer questions about their option. The event is similar to the club fair, but is for options. The option fair will be held during second term this year.

Course Capture
The ARC and the CTLO have worked together to record videos of course lectures. This term, we are recording CS21!

ASCIT Teaching Awards
Every year in spring term, students can nominate professors and TAs to win an ASCIT Teaching Award, and the ARC will choose 8 winners based on the student nominations and responses. This award is completely chosen by students, from the nomination to the selection process. Past winners of the award are listed here: 

Research Seminars - Coming Soon!

Year-Round Research List - Coming Soon!