Course Catalog (2017 - 2018)

Dean's Tutors
If you'd like to get a tutor for a certain subject, the Deans' office maintains a list of student tutors. Tutoring is free, and tutors are paid by the Deans' office.

Hixon Writing Center
The Hixon Writing Center provides writing tutors and workshops for all students.

Milikan Study Sessions
Study sessions for core and certain large classes are run during the school year. Dean's tutors will be available during study sessions. More details will be added shortly.

Free Software
To download free student software such as Matlab, Mathematica, and Endnote, visit:

If you would like to download a Windows operating system, click on "Microsoft Windows for Students" after logging in.

Digital Resources (attached below)
  1. CS2 Tips
  2. HSS Requirement Chart
  3. Ombuds Info Sheet
  4. ARC's Frosh Guide to Academics 2017-18
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