About Us

The Academics and Research Committee (ARC) is the academic branch of student government at Caltech. Our goal is to improve your academic and research experience at Caltech. We also act as a liaison between students and faculty on academic matters.

The ARC runs several student faculty interaction and educational programs. Several of our members sit on academic faculty committees, and we work to improve academic policy changes at all levels. We regularly meet and work with the Caltech Dean's office, the Center for Teaching Learning and Outreach (CTLO), and the Council on Undergraduate Education (CUE).

If there are specific problems with a class, you can submit a course concern. The ARC will work with the CTLO and the professor to resolve problems or miscommunication. We will typically respond to course concerns within 24 hours.

The ARC regularly publishes several academic resources including the ARC Frosh Guide to Academics. For more information, please visit our resources page.

The ARC consists of one representative from each house, an elected chair, an appointed secretary, and 3 to 5 at-large representatives. Every October, we'll be looking to add 2 to 4 frosh reps. Click here for the ARC Roster.

Below are our current bylaws.

Bylaws 2018-2019