Disclosing Decision Makers Private Interests ­čÄÁ

European Economic Review, November 2022

Preprint version, Media coverage: Nadaesgratis.

Intergroup Contact and Nation Building: Evidence from the Military Service in Spain (joint with Julio C├íceres, Gabriel Facchini and Ignacio Gonz├ílez) ­čÄÁ

Journal of Public Economics, September 2021

Prepint version and online appendix. Media coverage:, Nadaesgratis.

The Crown: A Survey About the Spanish Monarchy (joint with Enrique Hern├índez and Marga Torre) ­čÄÁ

Political Research Exchange, June 2021

Media coverage: Reuters, France 24, Huffington Post Italia, Agencia EFE, S├╝ddeutsche Zeitung, El Peri├│dico, La Vanguardia, Huffington Post Espa├▒a,, El, The Independent, CGTN, Vanity Fair, La Raz├│n, RNE, RAC 1, Radio Euskadi, Cadena Ser, TV3, ETB.

Book Chapters

Building Nations through internal mobility: Evidence from Spanish conscripts (joint with Julio Cáceres, Gabriel Facchini and Ignacio González)

Prepared for Succesful Nation-Building. CEPR/VOXEU E-book, edited by D.Rohner and E.Zhuravskaya

Working papers

Fact-Checking, Media Competition and Political Accountability (joint with Giovanni Andreottola)

    • Revise and Resubmit Journal of Politics

Emotions beat reason. A survey experiment on the political persuasiveness of arguments (joint with Berta Barbet and Guillem Vidal)

    • Revise and Resubmit European Journal of Political Research

Checks and Balances and Nation Building: The Spanish Constitutional Court and Catalonia (appendix) (joint with Agust├şn Casas and Federico Curci)

When consensus hurts: experts' advice and electoral support

Work in progress