Working papers

Disclosing Decision Makers' Private Interests - Under Review, Updated December 2019

Checks and Balances and Nation Building: The Spanish Constitutional Court and Catalonia (with Agustín Casas and Federico Curci) - Under review, appendix, Updated April 2020

When consensus hurts: experts' advice and electoral support -Updated June 2019

Fake News, Media Competition and Political Accountability (with Giovanni Andreottola) -new draft soon, Updated June 2019

What the fact? A survey experiment on post-truth politics (with Berta Barbet and Guillem Vidal) -Under review, Updated: April 2020

Work in progress and old projects

intergroup Contact and Nation Building: Evidence from the Spanish Military Service (with Julio Cáceres, Gabriel Facchini and Ignacio González) - first draft soon

Jobs lost, votes lost? Labour demand shocks and electoral accountability (with Elena Costas and María Sánchez-Vidal)