Earth & Soul Centered Consciousness for a Changing World

Stones, prairies, aquifers, clouds, hummingbirds, galaxies, and people are mysterious, self-creating energy events. The natural world is expressing itself as us, and with us, in each moment. Is there a larger story that we can step into as a human that honors the impulse of all life to self-create, collaborate and flourish? Even as vital earth systems are degrading as a result of human impacts, our planet is inviting us into a re-shaping of itself. How can we shape our wholeness and leading edge to act in respectful partnership with the beauty and magnificence of life?

Step over the edge of the known world: reconnect with your sacred nature and the ecological unconscious, grounding your capacity for self-creation and world work in the context of the astounding 13.7 billion-year journey of the universe. Join Ann for an online learning immersion to dive deep into the ten ways that the universe shows up as you, as we explore the invitation to respond with soul and integrity to the dream of the earth.

2023 Learning Immersions for Change Leaders:
Return of the Gods: Archetypal Earth and Cosmos