Prayer Circle

Prayer for the Week

Almighty God, you sent your son into a world where the wheat must be winnowed from the chaff and evil clings even to what is good: let the fire of your Spirit purge us of all corruption, so that, purified, we may wait eagerly for him whose coming is certain, whose Day draws near, your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen

Prayer Blanket Ministry - Help with Supplies

Materials required—yarn, knitted squares and especially 100% cotton fabric. Thanks to everyone who has donated materials or made up blankets. This is a wonderful outreach and witness of our love for others and that we are praying for them in their time of need. See details of the Ministry below and become a part of it.

Details of the Prayer Blanket Ministry

  • If you have a friend or relative or someone you know who is suffering or in need and would appreciate prayer support please contact us by clicking here so that we can arrange for you to choose a prayer blanket as a gift from St Michael and All Angels Parish.
  • Our prayer blankets hang on the blanket ladder at the rear of the church. Each has been lovingly made for distribution to people we know who are in need of prayer support. This prayer ministry has proven a great witness of God's care for those who are sick or chronically ill, frail or recovering from illness or any other trouble.
  • Please feel free to take a prayer blanket should you know of someone who would benefit from prayer in this way. There is a blue book to fill in details of recipients so we can continue to pray to the Lord for them. Contact Rob, Anne or Margaret.

Prayer Circle

The Prayer Circle meets every Wednesday morning at 8.15am. Members undertake to pray to the Lord regularly for all those in need or who have requested prayer. Please contact Bishop Rob Nolan for more information via Contact Us or phone Bishop Rob on Mobile: 0439 784 457

Parish Prayer

God, we pray that the eyes of our hearts may be enlightened, so that we may know the hope to which you have called us, the riches of the glorious way of life you have for your people, and the immeasurable greatness of your power in us who trust you. Amen. Based on Ephesians

For Your Daily Prayers:

Many in our parish are in need of our prayers this week. Bring before the Lord in thankfulness your prayers for those in need that they might be comforted and upheld in His love.

Here are some Prayer Points which you may find helpful:

Praise and Thanksgiving:

  • Scripture Readings Psalm 145:1-21 Psalm 150, Psalm 135
    • Praise God and exalt His mighty Name, acknowledging His might, majesty and splendour, acknowledging His power, holiness and faithfulness as Creator;
    • Praise Him that He is eternal, before all things and holds all things together;
    • Praise Him for His grace in sending His only son Jesus to suffer death on the Cross to rescue the world from sin and death by conquering death, rising to new life and promising everyone who believes in Him life eternal;
    • Praise and thank God for His Holy Spirit who leads us in all truth, and empowers us to live and to serve Him;
    • Praise and thank Him for His Holy Word and the Word made flesh in Christ Jesus;
    • Praise Him for the Prayer Group and those touched by the Prayer Blanket Ministry
    • Praise God for Christ's example to us of how we ought to live and love one another as Christ has loved us;
    • Praise Him for the special gifts that God has given those in our congregation in welcoming others, caring for the needs of our Church family and those in need in our community;
    • Praise Him for the recent rains in drought affected areas
    • Praise Him for those who are generous with their time and treasure and for those who witness by example of the love of Christ to others in our community

Prayers of Confession and Commitment

Scripture Readings Psalm 51:1-12; 1 John1: 6-9, 2 Chronicles 7:14 [2 Chronicles Chapter 7:1414if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, pray, seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.]

    • Pray that we will claim the promise in 1 John 1:9 "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness"
    • Pray that there will be no bitterness in our hearts towards anyone
    • Pray that the seed of the Kingdom of God planted in our hearts by God will reach maturity in our lives; and
    • Pray 2 Chronicles 7:14 over our country and the people of Australia

Pray to God for:

    • His mercy in time of Drought and Bushfire
    • Those listed on our Good News Times Bulletin and those we know who are in hospital, recovering from surgery or in need of prayer;
    • His blessings on Inala Care Force, the homeless and those who need our care;
    • His blessings and restoration of those in prison and those who minister to them;
    • His comfort for families grieving the loss of loved ones;
    • His guidance to our State and Federal parliamentarians and leaders in our business and financial institutions that they may act ethically and in the interests of serving all with justice and compassion for those in need;
    • His mercy for those suffering from drought, bush fires or natural disasters in so many Australian States and the United States
    • His Peace that it may reign in the Middle east, North and South Korea and war zones around the world especially in Yemen
    • His blessings on our Prayer Group that their prayers will be Godly and filled with the Holy Spirit;
    • His blessings on the The Gideon Ministry that the scriptures they distribute 'will not return... empty, but will accomplish what (the Lord) desires and achieve the purpose for which (He) sent it'.
    • His guidance as to how we might serve Christ by serving others as He served us; and
    • His blessings on the Moggill/Karana Downs /Mt Crosby & Bellbowrie Faith Communities.

Parish Prayer

God we pray that the eyes of our hearts may be enlightened, so that we may know the hope to which you have called us, the riches of the glorious way of life you have for your people and the immeasurable greatness of your power in us who trust you. Amen

Based on Ephesians 1:18-19




 The Diocese of Kitale - (Kenya): †Stephen Kewasis, †Samson Tuliapus

 Ministry with the Aboriginal People of Australia

 The Parish of Eastern Hills Anglicans: Chris Tyack

 Anglicare SQ - Community Aged & Disability - Wide Bay (Hervey Bay)

 St Luke’s Anglican School, Bundaberg: Principal – Craig Merritt; Chaplain - Iain Furby; Chair of School Council – Hermina Conradie; members of School Council; staff and students



 The Diocese of Kitgum - (Uganda): †Wilson Kitara

 Ministry with the Torres Strait Island People of Australia

 The Parish of East Redland (aka Cleveland & Stradbroke Island): Denise Ferguson, Daniel Hobbs, Aubrey Pedwell, Allan Goodwin, Colleen & Bill Guttormsen, George Roberts, Peter Moss, Bruce Henzell, David Lamont, Clive Cooper, Shan Vierow, Neville Knott

 Anglicare SQ Residential & Foster & Kinship Care

 St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School, Ascot: Principal - Roslyn Curtis; Chaplain - Nicole Colledge; Chair of School Council – Alison Quinn; School Council members; staff and students



 The Diocese of Kitui - (Kenya): †Josephat Mule

 The Diocese of Melbourne: †Philip Freier; Regional Bishops: †Genieve Blackwell, †Bradly Billings, †Paul Barker, †Kate Prowd; Clergy and People

 The Parish of Ekibin: Denis Galloway – Locum

 Anglicare SQ EM Tooth Residential Aged Care Facility

 St Paul’s School, Bald Hills: Headmaster - Paul Browning; Chaplain - Mark Leam; Chair of School Council - Robert Law; members of School Council; staff and students



 The Diocese of Kivu - (Rwanda): †Augustin Ahimana

 The Diocese of Newcastle: †Peter Stuart; Regional Bishops: †Sonia Roulston, †Charlie Murry; Clergy and People

 The Parish of Everton Park: Andrew Peters

 Anglicare SQ Rural & Remote Community Services

 The Glennie School, Toowoomba: Head of School – Kim Cohen; Chaplain – Sharon Baird; Chair of School Council – Elizabeth Gillam; members of School Council; staff and students



 The Diocese of Kobe - (Japan): †Augustine Naoaki Kobayashi

 The Diocese of the Northern Territory: †Greg Anderson; Clergy and People

 The Parish of Fortitude Valley: Rodney Wolff – Hon Locum, Stephen Redhead

 Queensland Churches Together: Gen.Sec. Richard Tutin

 The Southport School, Southport: Headmaster - Greg Wain; Chaplains - Jonathan Whereat and Debra Tedman; Chair of School Council - Fraser Perrin; members of School Council; staff and students



 The Diocese of Koforidua - (Ghana, West Africa): †Felix Odei Annancy

 The Diocese of North Queensland: Keith Joseph - Bishop Elect; Chris Wright - Administrator; Clergy and People

 The Parish of Freshwater: Claye Middleton, Masanja Ngweso, Les Monaghan, Doug Frith

 Parish secretaries and volunteer staff in the Diocese

 The Springfield Anglican College, Springfield: Head of College – Darren Pitt; Student Chaplain - Erika Williams; Chair of College Council - Barry Kelly; members of College Council; staff and students



 The Diocese of Kollam - Kottarakkara - (South India): †Oommen George

- Krishna-Godavari - (South India): †George Cornelious Tantepudi

 The Diocese of North West Australia: †Gary Nelson; Clergy and People

 The Parish of Gatton with Ma Ma Creek: Jennifer Colbrahams, Bill Colbrahams, John Tyler

 Diocesan Council

 Toowoomba Anglican & Prep School, Toowoomba: Head of School - Simon Lees; Chaplain - Zoe Browne; Chair of School Council - Hugh Rose; members of School Council; staff and students



 The Diocese of Kondoa - (Tanzania): †Given Gaula

 The Diocese of Perth: †Kay Goldsworthy; Assistant Bishops: †Kate Wilmot, †Jeremy James; Clergy and People

 The Parish of Gayndah: Jeff Balnaves - Locum

 Anglican Aid Abroad

 West Moreton Anglican College, Karrabin: Principal - Geoff McLay; Chaplain – Julie Craig-Leaves; Assistant Chaplain – Brenda Davis; Chair of College Council – Mr Ian Lupton; members of School Council; staff and students



 The Diocese of Kongor - (Upper Nile, South Sudan): †Gabriel Thuch Agot

 The Diocese of Riverina: Rob Harris - Administrator; Clergy and People

 The Parish of Gold Coast North: John Dougherty, Gary Smith, Don Campbell, Lynette Dunn, +Len Eacott, Roseanne Stower, Sidney Rogers, Mary-Anne Rulfs, Bruce Sligo

 Anglicare SQ St Bart’s Youth Accommodation

 All Saints Anglican School, Merrimac: Headmaster - Patrick Wallas; Chaplain - Ann McGuinness; Chair of School Council - John Fradgley; members of School Council; staff and students



 The Diocese of Kontagora - (Lokoja, Nigeria): †Jonah Ibrahim

 The Diocese of Rockhampton: †David Robinson; Clergy and People

 The Parish of Gold Coast South: Phillip Hardie, Arthur Savage, Debra Tedman, Greg McGrory

 Men’s Sheds

 St John’s College UQ: Warden – Rodney Wolff; Chaplain – Ceri Wynne; Chair of Council – John Peden; members of College Council; staff and students



 The Diocese of Kubwa - (Abuja, Nigeria): †Duke Akamisoko

 The Diocese of Sydney: †Glenn Davies; Assistant Bishops: †Ivan Lee, †Peter Hayward, †Christopher Edwards, †Peter Lin, †Michael Stead; Clergy and People

 The Parish of Goodna: Lindsay Howie – Locum, Graham Frizzell, Thomas Gray

 Good Shepherd Op Shop

 St Francis Theological College, Milton: Principal – †Jonathan Holland; Academic Dean – Peter Kline; staff; sessional lecturers and students



 The Diocese of Kuching - (South East Asia): †Danald Jute, †Nelson Ugas Bulang

 The Diocese of Tasmania: †Richard Condie; Assistant Bishop †Chris Jones; Clergy and People

 The Parish of Goonaneman:

 Sunshine Coast Hospital Ministry: Ann Shepperson and team

 Anglican Schools Australia Management Committee and Member Schools: President - Peter Laurence



 The Diocese of Kumi - (Uganda): †Edison Irigei

 The Diocese of The Murray: †John Ford; Clergy and People

 The Parish of Goondiwindi: Kay Hart

 Anglicare SQ Sunshine Coast community services

 All Anglican Schools Business Managers/Bursars and Senior Leaders



 The Diocese of Kushtia - (Bangladesh): †Samuel Sunil Mankhin

 The Diocese of Wangaratta: †John Parkes; Clergy and People

 The Parish of Green Hills Anglicans: Bruce Boase

 All Diocesan Committees

 State School Teachers



 The Diocese of Kushtia - (Bangladesh): †Samuel Sunil Mankhin

 The Diocese of Willochra: †John Stead; Clergy and People

 The Parish of Grovely: Jenny Simson, Judy Shepherd, Gordon Steele, Deborah Hay, Robert Hay, Ray Chapman

 Anglicare SQ TRACC Gold Coast Foster & Kinship Care



 The Diocese of Kwoi - ( Abuja, Nigeria): †Paul Zamani

 The Parish of Gympie: Shaji Joseph, Ingrid Busk, Bruce Dorman, Kevin Lewis, Jane Trigg

 Anglicare SQ - Community Aged & Disability - Gold Coast



 The Diocese of Kyoto - (Japan): †Stephen Takashi Kochi

 The Parish of Hamilton: Marian Free, Rosemary Gardiner

 St Michael’s Home Assist



 The Diocese of Kyushu - (Japan): †Luke Ken-ichi Muto

 The Parish of Hendra-Clayfield: Iain Moore

 Anglicare SQ Homelessness Services for Women & Children



 The Diocese of Lafia - ( Abuja, Nigeria): †Godwin A Robinson

 The Parish of Hervey Bay: Greg Loumeau, Vic Burgess, Lorraine Dawson

 GFS – an Anglican Ministry