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Korea Times 6/13/2017

Media Interview at MK Premium (매경프리미엄 인터뷰 by 박대권 교수님)

"Dump it, if it doesn't beat your heart!" - 감동이 없으면 버려라! (처자식 빼고....)

Associate Professor of Finance (untenured), SKKU, Seoul, Korea (9/1/2016~)

Past Positions:

Assistant Professor of Finance, SKKU (3/1/2015~8/31/2016)

Assistant Professor of Finance, Nanyang Business School, Singapore (2009~2014)


Ph.D., University of Minnesota (2009)

MBA, University of Minnesota (2003)

BA, Yonsei University (1999)




Address: Room #422, School of Business,

SKKU, Myung-nyun-dong, Seongbook-Gu, Seoul, Korea

Research: 행동재무

*********<Behavioral Andy >****************

Biological traits of CEO and Firm Risk

"The Voice of Risk" (with Min Jung KANG)

"The Face of Risk" (with Shinichi Kamiya & Soohyun Park) at European Financial Management

Media & Finance

Impact of Media on CEO Pay (with Jingoo KANG) at Organization Science [테레비전에 내가 나왔으면 정말 좋겠네]

**********<Econ Andy >**********************

Bankers on the Board and Crash Risk,

Bankers on the Board and CEO Turnover,

Bankers on the Board and CEO Pay,

Since I was a commercial banker at BofA, I have emotional attachment to this literature. But these are definitely non-behavioral. These are Econ!!!

British Short Sellers before North Korean Attacks


Behavioral Finance & Banking History(2017 Fall) - Undergrad

Behavioral Finance (2017 Fall) - MS, Ph.D.

Intermediate Corporate Finance (2015~17) - Undergrad

Behavioral Finance & Banking History(2016) - Samsung Finance MBA

Empirical Finance / Accounting (2016) - MS, Ph.D.

행동재무, 핀테크(FinTech), 금융사, 기업재무, 가치평가, 재무관리 개론 - 영어/한글강의

The Rothschild Manor!!! 인류역사상 최고 부자가문의 별장