The purpose of the "now" page is to tell you what I'm working on or thinking about right now. The idea comes from Derek Sivers.

  • Effective-Learning: what is the most efficient way to learn a new subject matter? I'm developing a checklist of key things to think about when learning a new discipline.

  • Statistics and Machine Learning in Pharma:- what are the key insights from Machine Learning that are useful which methods are just hype.

  • Causality in Pharmacometrics: Most exposure-response analyses are assumed to be causal, but in many cases (e.g. checkpoint inhibitors, trastuzumab), a naive exploration or model of the exposure-response data can lead to erroneous conclusions. This checklist and guidance, makes recommendations to help support causal interpretation of exposure-response models.

  • Individuation and the Second Half of Life: Having achieved a number of life goals and appreciating what this brought me and what it did not, I've been thinking more about the next phase of my life. Where the focus is not on achievement, but rather on living well and finding meaning.