Andrew M. Stein

I'm a Director of Pharmacometrics at Novartis in Cambridge, MA. I did postdoctoral research at the Institute for Math and its Applications, a PhD in Applied Mathematics at University of Michigan, and a Bachelors and Masters in Mechanical Engineering at MIT. Inspired by theoretical physicists who use mathematical models of the physical world to uncover insights that guide engineers, my goal is to use mechanistic and statistical models of preclinical and clinical data to uncover new insights that guide drug development. My expertise is in oncology and immunology, with experience in leukemia [1,2], solid tumors [3,4,5,6], chimeric antigen receptor T-cells [7,8], and target mediated drug disposition of biologics [9,10,11,12].

I also have a ukulele site and am part of the exploratory graphics (xGx) team.

Contact: andy (dot) stein (at) gmail (dot) com