Coup is a game of bluffing.  


  • Coup is 2-5 player.  The deck has 15 character cards.  There are 5 different cards and each card appears 3 times.  
  • Setup
    • Shuffle the deck and deal two cards to each player.  
    • Each player gets $2 (exception: for 2 player game, starting player gets only $1)
  • Winning And Losing
    • A player loses if they lose both cards.
    • The game ends when there is one player left.  That player is the winner!
  • Game Play
    • Actions.  On your turn, you must take one action that you can afford.   An action or block that requires a character card can be bluffed or challenged by anyone in the games. 
      1. Make opponent lose one card 
        • Coup for $7; unblockable. 
          • If you have $10 or more, you must Coup. 
        • Assassinate for $3; blockable by Contessa.  If blocked, you still pay $3.
      2. Income
        • Get $1; unblockable
        • Get $2; blockable by Duke
        • Steal $2 with Captain; blockable by Captain or Ambassador
        • Get $3 with Duke; unblockable.
      3. Get a new hand with Ambassador.  
        • Draw two cards, then return any two to the deck and reshuffle; unblockable.
    • Losing One Card. When you lose a card, you get to choose which card you lose.  Put the card face up in front of you.  You no longer have that card's abilities. There are four ways to lose a card. 
      1. Opponent "coups" you for $7.
      2. Opponent assassinates you (with Assassin) for $3 and you don't  block (with Contessa) or successfully challenge
      3. An opponent challenges you, and you do not prove that you were bluffing. 
      4. You challenge an opponent's action and are proved wrong (opponent shows his card)
        • In this case, opponent must return card to the court deck, reshuffle, and draw a new card.
          • Aside: Andy thinks opponent should be able to choose to keep this card too, but that's not what the rules say.
        • If an action is successfully challenged, then it never happened.  In particular, if you bluffed an assassin and were successfully challenged, you keep the $3
      • Note: It is possible to lose two cards in one turn.  If an opponent Assassinates you and you challenge, then if they had an assassin, you lose one card for the assassination and one card for the challenge.
      • Note: only the targeted player can block. Others cannot block for them. 


  • 2 player
    • P(opponent doesn't have Duke given I don't) = 10/13*9/12 =30/52 = 58%