Our Network Members

In no particular order here is an outline of the members of the network, each has a page devoted to more of their activities.

Bill Crumbleholme - Potter & Part-time Metal Worker

Bill is most famous for his Bronze Age Pottery - more details can be seen at his website www.beakerfolk.co.uk

Bill was the Founding Father of the network and is held in high esteem by all the members! He does the paperwork and accounting. His pottery ranges from reasonably authentic replicas, made from clay he has dug, shaped by hand and fired in open an bonfire to more contemporary wares that are inspired by the ancient pots but are made using more recent technologies, such as wheels and kilns. "Woden" the large wood fuelled kiln that he built and fires produces most of his output - beakers and bowls!

Mark Vyvyan-Penney - Bronze Caster, Woodcarver and Teacher

Mark was trained as a primary teacher but left the profession to those of a tougher disposition and became an impoverished wood carver which seemed marginally preferable. He was encouraged to make some bronze chisels for carving demonstrations by Bill Crumbleholme (whom he holds in high steam) and found that he enjoyed melting metal just as much as he enjoyed carving wood.

Now Mark does the marketing for Ancient Wessex Network and also makes bronze swords,wooden battle clubs and willow baskets. He has also found that other people want to learn these skills too, so he teaches woodcarving, basket weaving and occasionally metal casting

Will Brown Art Lecturer, Jewellery maker, Wood chip carver, Bronze caster.

Will is a full time Art Lecturer. He is interested in Viking jewellery, Nordic legends, Chip carving and metal casting

Virginia Evans - Jewellery Maker, Abstract Painter

Mike Trevarthen- Archaeologist, Flint knapper