Ancient Wessex Network is a Community Interest Company (so it's legal and everything!) based in South Dorset, England. Members undertake activities using experimental archaeology methods to research ancient technologies. They demonstrate these skills at events and also produce artefacts inspired by and as copies of the original items.

What do we do?

Ancient Wessex Network members cover a range of skills, including pottery, metal working, flint & stone working, sculpture, jewellery making, textiles, food and construction techniques. More details are given in other parts of this website

The "ancient" in the title covers Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman, Saxon and Viking times.

The "Wessex" in the title is a geographical area in Southern Britain, with moveable boundaries, depending on the source! Thomas Hardy's Wessex is different from King Alfred's Wessex - but we can cover them all! We live in South Dorset, but are active over a wider area, even visiting Wales!

As well as this website we appear on Facebook at this link :-


that often features information about our activities and albums of photographs of us in action at events.