The Long Walk Home

From Western Perimeter of Boswell Park

Image: Cynthia Morrison-Bell, 2013

The Long Walk Home

May 4th & 5th 2013

PM Gallery, Ealing, West London, UK

(To accompany the touring exhibition Walk On.)

Between 12 noon and 3pm on Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th May 2013, artist Simon Pope will escort visitors from the gallery reception desk to the exit on Mattock Lane. If you would like to walk with Simon, please wait at the reception desk when you are ready to leave the exhibition.

(From text panel announcing the event.)

"In May 1802 John Soane walked to Pitshanger with Thomas Banks, in July with Thomas Leverton, later on he returned to town on foot with Turner. The long walk on light summer evenings allowed for the discussion of Royal Academy, architectural or business matters."

Darley, Gillian. John Soane: An Accidental Romantic. Yale University Press, 1999. p.155

Description: Having visited the exhibition, individual visitors walk with artist Simon Pope across Boswell Park, the start of Soane's own long walk back to his home in Holborn. This work vascilates between a convivial 'setting-off with' and a more punative 'seeing off the premises'.

Format: Visitors are greeted by the artist, before walking together from the PM Gallery to the perimeter of Boswell Park. Each outbound walk takes 15mins; after returning to PM Gallery, the artist sets-off again with the next visitor(s).

(From artist's proposal.)