The Dialogic


The Dialogic is an ongoing series of participatory event, organized in collaboration with other artists and researchers, which forms part of my research into the ways that human and non-human things can be engaged through dialogic art practice. My project is practice-led and therefore a significant aspect of my work lies in the development of new artworks as research. The Dialogic is one such artwork, aimed at undertaking a review of secondary sources through the convening of a peer-group of researchers and artists working in a similar vein, or on similar questions. I consider The Dialogic's value to lie in this emphasis on initial engagement with my peers, rather than secondary sources, to explore the context of my research. Developed initially from conversations with artist John Hammersley, the organization and impetus for this project is shared among a number of group members.

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The Dialogic at The Ruskin School Of Art, University of Oxford, 31st May 2013


Each meeting focuses on the general theme of 'dialogue in contemporary art practice' and lasts approximately 2 - 4 hours. On some occasions, especially when held within an institutional context, the meetings coincide with reading groups, and sometimes open up to wider discussion of the project with other researchers or artists.

The Dialogic has convened at:

  • Danielle Arnaud, London October 2012
  • Loughborough University, UK March 2013
  • The Ruskin School of Art, Oxford, UK May 2013
  • Birkbeck, University Of London, UK June 2014 — on the theme of The Dialogic And The Art School
  • Coventry School Of Art & Design, UK Nov 2014
  • Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff, UK April 2015
  • Settle, Yorkshire, UK 2016
  • Danielle Arnaud, London, UK, September 2016


Extract of the proceedings from The Dialogic at Loughborough University, 2013

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*This article was not published in Stephen Willats' Control Magazine #19, Feb 2015.