1:25 scale sketch for floating platform, canopy, quant, and paddle. 144 x 144 x 72mm. Balsa and paper. (2017)
    Discussion Island/Platform (working title) (2017-18)

    Hatfuls, Capfuls, Dree Bushel Bagfuls: living with living cultures through cider-making (2018)

    et al
    et al: installation view (2016) Photo: Oskar Proctor
    The Gift
    The Gift (2016)
    Who Else Takes Part? Admitting the more-than-human into participatory art (2015)

    A Splendid Kindred Soul
    A Splendid Kindred Soul (2015)

    The Outlier
    The Outlier (2014)

    Primary Agents Of A Social World (2014)

    A Song, A Dance And A New Stannary Parliament (2014)

    Forward Back Together (2013)

    Wheels Of Peacock Blue, Gas Jet Blue
    Wheels of Peacock Blue (2013) Photo: Brada Barassi

    The Dialogic (2012-)

    What Cannot Be Turned Aside (2012)

    A Common Third (2010)

    Memory Marathon (2010)

    Mountains & Lacunæ (2009-10)

    Carved From Memory (2009)

    Negotiating Picu Cuturruñau (2009)

    From Unspoken Landscapes (2008)

    Painting From Memory (2008)

    Imagined Dialogues: André Cadere At The ICA, London

    The Memorial Walks (2007-8)

    Gallery Space Recall
    Gallery Space Recall (2006)

    Charade (2005-7)

    Ambulant Science Studio at the Venice Biennale of Fine Art 2003
    Ambulant Science Studio at Venice Biennale of Fine Art (2003)

    Art for Networks
    Art For Networks (2000-2002)
    London Walking (2001)
    Ice Cream for Everyone (1999-2001)

    I/O/D 4: The Web Stalker (1997) & I/O/D 1-3 (1993-6)