Gallery Space Recall

Invitation card 2006

Solo-exhibition in 2006

Chapter, (Cardiff, UK)

Exhibition Info

Curator: Hannah Firth

Also included in Mirror Neurons at National Glass Centre, Sunderland, 2012

as Recall From Memory The Space Of Another Gallery

Curator: Sarah Cook

R&D (with Dr. Vaughan Bell, Kings College London & Maudsley Hospital) Funded by The Wellcome Trust

Production funded by Arts Council Wales


(from 2012 iteration)

"This work is one of the outcomes from research and development undertaken by the artist during 2005 and 2006, in collaboration with psychologist Vaughan Bell and funded by the Wellcome Trust’s SCIART Scheme. They together investigated walking and memory and their impact on place. One concern of their work was how our brains understand space and the idea of the mental ‘nesting’ of larger, external spaces within smaller, interior ones. Under the very rare condition of Reduplicative Paramnesia, people recovering from extreme brain-injury have the delusion that their current location, such as a hospital, is contained within their bedroom at home, for example. It shouldn’t be possible, under abstract, logical definitions of ‘space’, to have two places existing at more than one location at a time. For this work, the artist invites you to walk around this gallery, but speak out loud to the gallery attendant or the others viewing the exhibition with you, your recollection of a walk you have taken through another familiar gallery space, and then to listen and walk, while others do the same."

Gallery Space Recall, Chapter, Cardiff, UK. Photo:Rokfoto 2006
Gallery Space Recall at NGCA, Sunderland, UK 2012
Brussels 2005
Banff Centre for the Arts, 2005