Pinocchio's Ecological Thought (with Sarah Cullen) 2018

Discussion Island

Discussion Island (2017-18)

The Ward's Island Wassail (with Sarah Cullen) (2018-)

You asked about validity (journal article) (2017)

et al

et al: (2016)

Photo: Oskar Proctor
The Gift

The Gift (2016)

Who Else Takes Part? Admitting the more-than-human into participatory art (2015)

A Splendid Kindred Soul

A Splendid Kindred Soul (2015)

The Outlier

The Outlier (2014)

Primary Agents Of A Social World (2014)

A Song, A Dance And A New Stannary Parliament (2014)

Walking Transformed (Magazine article) (2014)

Forward Back Together (2013)

From Western Perimeter of Boswell Park

The Long Walk Home (2013)

Wheels Of Peacock Blue, Gas Jet Blue

Wheels of Peacock Blue (2013)

Photo: Brada Barassi

The Dialogic (2012-)

What Cannot Be Turned Aside (2012)

The Mount (2011)

Untitled Walk (for YSP)(2011)

Untitled Walk (2011)

A Common Third (2010)

Memory Marathon (2010)

Mountains & Lacunæ (2009-10)

Carved From Memory (2009)

Negotiating Picu Cuturruñau (2009)

From Unspoken Landscapes (2008)

Painting From Memory (2008)

Imagined Dialogues: André Cadere At The ICA, London (2008)

The Memorial Walks (2007-8)

Gallery Space Recall

Gallery Space Recall (2006)

Walking Around My Room (2205)The Banff Centre, 2005.

London Bridge Recall (2006)

Charade (2005-7)

The Shape of Locative Media (article) (2005)

A Walk from London to Worthing (2004)

Out Of Our Tree (print-on-demand book) (2003)

Ambulant Science Studio at the Venice Biennale of Fine Art 2003

Ambulant Science Studio at Venice Biennale of Fine Art (2003)

Art for Networks

Art For Networks (2000-2002)

London Walking (2001)

Ice Cream for Everyone (with Mark Greco)(1999-2001)


I/O/D 4: The Web Stalker (1997) & I/O/D 1-3 (1993-6)