The Bible teaches that God spoke creation into being. This ancient text, which is the most read document in human history, was originally revealed to the Jews, who themselves have an ancient tradition that God created the universe through the permutation of the 22 divine letters of the Hebrew alphabet. For example, we read the following in the 2,000 year old Jewish work called the Sefir Yetzirah:

"The foundations are the twenty-two letters; He hath formed, weighed, transmuted, composed, and created with these twenty-two letters every living thing"

The Biblical canon is divided into two major sections: The Old Testament and the New Testament. Remarkably, each of these two divisions were revealed in alphanumeric languages. That is, Biblical Hebrew (the primary language of the Old Testament) has the property whereby each letter in its alphabet has a distinct numerical value. Likewise, Biblical Greek (the primary language of the New Testament) has the same alphanumeric property as Biblical Hebrew. Thus, by simply adding up the letter values within a given Hebrew/Greek word in the Bible, the Biblical Hebrew/Greek words have distinct numerical values that are set in stone.

It is a known fact that this alphanumeric property of Biblical Hebrew/Greek is an ancient system of both Hebrew and Greek (it is not some modern invention). There are two primary methods of assigning numerical values to the letters of the Hebrew/Greek alphabets: The Standard method and the Ordinal method.

Here are the Standard values of the 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet:

Here are the Ordinal values of the 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet:

I submit to you that the Old Testament was originally revealed in Hebrew because it is the divine alphabet of God (this is clearly demonstrated in the articles listed in this site). However, the New Testament was originally revealed in Greek because Greek was the most widely spoken language in the first century, which allowed for the New Testament message to spread among the gentiles. The fact that both of the major divisions of the Bible were revealed in ancient alphanumeric languages is a hint in itself of the mathematical codes that I highlight throughout my articles. Notice also that the numerical identity of the Hebrew alphabet (22) also hints at the two fundamental languages of the Bible (Hebrew/Greek) and the two fundamental systems of Biblical Numerics (the Standard/Ordinal systems).

Everything that exists outside of God represents an embodiment of the 22 ciphers of the Hebrew alphabet, and, by extension, of mathematics. Ultimately, mankind will return to the understanding that Hebrew is mathematics and mathematics is Hebrew.

Battalion Of Christ,

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