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Eugster's Photo Album - Famous Studios Christmas Party 1954

If you can make any additions or corrections to what you see here, please email Mark Mayerson

Famous Studios Christmas Party 1954

Thanks to Famous Studios animators Myron Waldman, Ed Cerullo, Howard Beckerman, Dante Barbetta and Vincent Cafarelli and Candy Kugel of Buzzco for helping to identify people in these pictures.

Photo 1. In the background, facing left is Jack Ehret, cameraman. In the center, eating an olive, is Dante Barbetta.

Photo 2. The men in the background from left to right are background painter Bob Little, animator George Germanetti and animator (maybe an assistant then) Gerry Dvorak. The woman in profile in front of Germanetti is Leisel Howson of the background department.

Photo 3. Storyman Mike Meyer, holding the cigarette, is at right. Jack Mercer, the voice of Popeye, is second from right. Third from right is business manager Seymour Schultz. Animator George Germanetti is fourth from right. Animator John Gentilella is third from left. This photo was taken in Seymour Schultz's office.

Photo 4. In the foreground, the second woman from the right is possibly cel painter Carol Brooks and the fourth woman from the right is cel painter Arlene Katz. Bruce Nichols is in the plaid shirt looking left. Behind him and to the right is Harry Kuwada. To the right is assistant animator Ellsworth Barthen with the pocket handkerchief. Next on the right is animator Bill Hudson and then is Gerry Dvorak. Behind Barthen is animator Tom Golden.

Photo 5. Constance Quirk is in the turqoise skirt. Bruce Nichols in the plaid shirt is talking to her. In front of Nichols is Phyliss Littman. At right, holding a drink, is Ruth Platt.
Photo 6. Irene Scagnelli is seated at left. Seated third from left is Myna Morrissey, head of the cel painting department. Standing fourth from right in the blue dress is Marie Gallone.

Photo 7. The inbetween department. Back row, from left to right: Martin Polansky, Sal Maimone, Dante Barbetta, Aaron Mariashon. Front row, from left to right: Steve Gattone, Connie Quirk, Ruth Platt, Bruce Nichols, Gene Bertell, and Juliana Wang. Kneeling in front: Robert Firestone. Al's original caption to this picture was "How did Firestone get in this one?" That probably means that Firestone wasn't an inbetweener.

Photo 8. The woman at left is named Sonya. Anybody know a last name? The man at left speaking to her is animator Bill Hudson.

Photo 9. Bill Hudson's face is cut in half on the left side of the photo. In the foreground with the glasses and moustache is animator and director Dave Tendlar. In the back, from left to right are Juliana Wang, John Gentilella, Ellsworth Barthen and holding the card is Nellie Sanborn of the checking department. I don't know who the seated woman is.

Photo 10. The man is Lou LaRose. Kneeling in front is Mary Mazzarelli, Vincent Cafarelli's niece. The woman on the left is Ann Menachino and the woman on the right is Carol Brooks.

Photo 11. Al Eugster seated at his desk.

Photo 12. From left to right: Paul Sparagano, unknown, unknown, unknown, Mary Mazarelli, and unknown. At right, from background to foreground, George Germanetti, Harry Kuwada and Gerry Dvorak.