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Al Eugster's Photo Album - Sullivan Studio 1928

Al Eugster's Photo Album

Here are some photos of Al Eugster with various other people in the animation business. Many of these people are unidentified or I'm taking an educated guess as to who they are based on other photos I've seen. If you can make any additions or corrections to what you see here, please email Mark Mayerson

The Pat Sullivan Studio, August 1928

Photo 1. Some of the crew of the Pat Sullivan Studio on the roof of 47 West 63 St. in Manhattan. Standing left to right: Rudy Zamora, Jack Bogle, Tom Byrne, Otto Messmer, Dana Parker, Alfred Thurber. Crouching from left to right: Hal Walker, George Cannata, Al Eugster, Burt Gillett.
Photo 2. Standing left to right: Cannata, Bogle, Zamora, Byrne. Crouching left to right: Eugster, Walker.
Photo 3. Left to right: Zamora, Cannata, Walker, Eugster, Byrne.