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Output drivers: ASIO4ALL, see MIDI software.

Some interesting tips and hints are also on the MIDI page.

An important component of VST recording will be DAW software. See the DAW page for more info.

VST plugins

These are the actual providers of the samples. They are usually created as plugins, which makes them available for use in other software, like DAWs or standalone VST hosts.

Open Source:
  • Linux Studio Plugin (LSP) - link
  • DrumGizmo (link) - an Open Source VST!
Commercial, with free and demo options:
  • Addictive Drums (link)
  • BFD, details
  • DrumMic'a, Sennheiser (free!), (link, link)
  • EZ Drummer, Toontrack
  • Steven Slate Drums
  • Studio Drummer, Kontakt, Native Instruments
  • Superior Drummer, Toontrack

VST host

These are dedicated VST host programs. They run the VST plugins. Apart from these, any DAW should be able to host a VST plugin.

  • VSThost (link) is a popular option for Windows (or VSTlord for Mac) as it is a free standalone VST host.
  • DrumMic'a, standalone
  • Toontrack Solo for Toontrack products
  • Kontakt Player

Sample libraries

for eDrums. Many software packages automatically include the sample libraries, so they are all listed here together.

Independent samples at at the Samples page.

  • BFD 3 (link)
  • Drummica package contains lots of samples (link)
  • DrumWerks (link)
  • Get Good Drums (link)
  • Drumasonic (link)
  • SellTech Productions, free Pearl kit (link)
  • VST 4 Free (link)
  • Toontrack


The hardware required to run VST include

  • e-drum pads
  • e-drum module
  • MIDI/USB cable
    The MIDI part is based on MIDI protocol and the hardware needed for MIDI in general. See MIDI page.
  • PC
    Even the lower-end PCs today are enough to play VSTs in real-time and without latency.
  • USB audio output, optional
    This may help eliminate the latency as the signal is sent digitally to the device.


  • Use a USB audio interface for reduced latency.
  • For better dynamic range, reduce the maximum input velocity in VST host.


  • Free VST plugins list (link), bedroomproducersblog