Digital Audio Workstation. Used for recording MIDI tracks from e-drum module(s) and mixing audio tracks.

DAW Software

In alphabetical order

  • Ableton Live Lite 9 (link)
  • Ardour (link), Open Source but binary version requires donation.
  • Audacity, Open Source; can't run VSTs
  • Cubase;
  • Cockos Reaper, free 60-day trial
  • DarkWave Studio (link), free
  • LMMS (link), free; details <= recommended
  • Mu Lab (link), free; crashes
  • PreSonus Studio One 3 Prime (link), the free version can't run 3rd party plugins
  • Pro Tools First, free. The free version can (only) save 3 projects in the cloud.
  • Rosegarden, (link) free but Linux only, allows editing musical notes/scores. Windows port available (link).
  • Sonar, Cakewalk (link), $
  • Tracktion T5 (link), free;
  • Usine Hollyhock (link), no more free version.
  • Wavosaur (link), free;
  • Zynewave Podium Free (link); the free version only allows one MIDI input


Some good free ones are listed here.